Problems With The Alibi

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The majority of the problems with the alibi are addressed either as part of Raffaele Sollecito's Alibi or have pages devoted specifically to them so


Does Amanda Knox's Account of the Morning of Nov 2 Sound Believable?

According the Knox she left Raffaele's apartment to have a shower and to fetch a mop despite the couple have a planned trip and Knox having her luggage at Raffaele's. According to Knox her motivation to return to the cottage was that Raffaele's shower was inadequate and they needed the mop to clean up a water mess from a spill that had happened approximately fifteen hours prior. Knox's version of events also has her taking a shower at Raffaele's the previous night before going to bed but we'll ignore that as well as the rather odd behaviour of waiting fifteen hours to clean up a water mess that apparently neither evaporated nor could be adequately addressed by anything short of a mop. For the sake of giving Amanda Knox the benefit of the doubt we'll just assume that while this seems off to objective observers it made sense at the time in a way that just doesn't translate well to people who were not there.

The Open Front Door

Amanda arrives at the cottage to find her front door wide open. Knox claims that this did not alarm her since the door had issues. The cottage was in an sketchy area of Perugia. The parking lot next to the house was often used for drug deals and needles and other drug paraphernalia are just discarded so Knox would be aware that this is not the safest neighbourhood. She also knows that two of her three roommates are away for the holiday so her and Meredith were the only two people who could have left the door improperly closed. Knox is a young female in foreign country you would expect her to be a little more concerned and maybe at least check all the rooms to make sure that no one is in the house.

The Missing Lamp

Amanda Knox's room was the smallest of all the rooms. It also had no working ceiling lights. A lamp on Knox's night table is her only source of light. As you can see from this picture taken from the door when you enter Knox's room you would be facing the night table that would normally have Amanda's lamp.

Insert Picture

On the morning of November 2nd that lamp was missing. The lamp would be found on the floor of Meredith's locked bedroom. Amanda explained that the light from her window was sufficient so she had no need to use the lamp so did not notice it was missing. Amanda by her own account enters her room three times that morning. It is impossible to make claims about what someone would or wouldn't have noticed. Given the size of the room one would expect Amanda to notice that the lamp was missing but maybe was distracted.

Taking a Shower After Discovering Blood

Where Knox's story crosses the line into unbelievable is with her decision to take a shower after discovering blood in that bathroom. At this point Knox has already returned to her house after being away for the night and knowing that two of her three roommates were also away to discover a completely open front door. She ignores that but now she is in a bathroom where there is a considerable amount of blood on the bathmat in the shape of a foot and some blood on the faucet of the sink. Blood that by Knox's own admission she knows was not there the previous day.

Knox not only ignores that blood at the conclusion of her shower when she realizes that all the towels are missing instead of just returning to her room dripping some water she instead decides to use a bath mat that is soiled with someone else's blood to stand on and slide back to her room. This use of the bath mat was a late addition to Amanda's story being added only after her footprints in the victim's blood were discovered in the hallway. It seems pretty obvious that no one would actually use a bath mat with blood on it the way Knox describes and that she fabricated this story in a desperate effort to explain a very strong piece of physical evidence against her.

The Feces in the Toilet

Lack of Computer Activity

Witnesses That See Them Near the Cottage The Night of the Murder

Computer and Phone Activity When Knox and Sollecito Claim to be Sleeping

Witness That Sees Amanda Knox at His Store When She Claims to be Sleeping

Pretending To Call Meredith's Mobile Phone

Calling the Police After Police had Already Arrived

Lying to the Police To Delay the Discovery of the Body