Problems With The Alibi

From The Murder of Meredith Kercher
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The majority of the problems with the alibi are addressed either as part of Raffaele Sollecito's Alibi or have pages devoted specifically to them so


Does Amanda Knox's Account of the Morning of Nov 2 Sound Believable?

According the Knox she left Raffaele's apartment to have a shower and to fetch a mop despite the couple have a planned trip and Knox having her luggage at Raffaele's. According to Knox her motivation to return to the cottage was that Raffaele's shower was inadequate and they needed the mop to clean up a water mess from a spill that had happened approximately fifteen hours prior. Knox's version of events also has her taking a shower at Raffaele's the previous night before going to bed but we'll ignore that as well as the rather odd behaviour of waiting fifteen hours to clean up a water mess that apparently neither evaporated nor could be adequately addressed by anything short of a mop.

Lack of Computer Activity

Witnesses That See Them Near the Cottage The Night of the Murder

Computer and Phone Activity When Knox and Sollecito Claim to be Sleeping

Witness That Sees Amanda Knox at His Store When She Claims to be Sleeping

Pretending To Call Meredith's Mobile Phone

Calling the Police After Police had Already Arrived

Lying to the Police To Delay the Discovery of the Body