Multiple Attackers

From The Murder of Meredith Kercher
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Synopsis of the Injuries

Meredith had at least 47 cuts and bruises. Meredith was attacked both from the right and from the left. She had bruising on her elbows as you'd expect from someone who had her arms restrained from behind.[1] The first major wound was a 4cm cut from the right that stopped when the knife hit her jaw bone.[2] There was also a 8cm stab from the left. Markings from the point of the knife show that the knife was held against the neck in a threatening way before being plunged in.[3] Below the big cut across her neck several light slices were inflicted [4]

With respect to defensive wounds the only three wounds that might be considered defensive wounds were a 0.6cm wound on the palm of her right hand, a 0.3cm cut on the tip of her first finger of the left hand, and a 0.6cm wound on the second finger of her left hand.[5] This is abnormal and strongly indicates that Meredith was restrained during the attack.

Evidence of Being Restrained By Rudy Guede While Attacked by Other

The lack of defensive wounds strongly indicates that Meredith was restrained. The attack was drawn out and in scenarios like this the victim always has multiple major cuts to the hands. It is instinctive to try to protect oneself with one's hands when someone is attacking you with a knife. The only reason Meredith wouldn't defend herself is if she was prevented from doing so.

The bursting to the elbows indicates that someone was holding her arms behind her. This was Rudy since his DNA was only found on her jacket arm and on the back side of her bra strap. The bruising on Meredith's arms is from Rudy holding her arms from behind while either Amanda, Raffaele, or both attacked Meredith from the front.

The series of parallel cuts to her neck also indicate that Meredith was restrained. No one would


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