Knox Attempting to Delay Discovery of Meredith's Body

From The Murder of Meredith Kercher
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What Happened

The Postal Police had come to the cottage looking for the owner of a mobile phone that had been discovered dumped in a backyard. They found Knox and Sollecito at the door of the cottage. The couple explain that the phone belongs to her roommate Meredith and that there was a burglary. They show the Postal Police around the cottage. In the meantime Marco, the boyfriend of a third roommate, and his friend Luca arrive in response to concerns about the burglary. While everyone is present the Postal Police discover that there is a locked door. Amanda explains that it is Meredith's door and that there is no reason to be concerned because she locks the door all the time even to take a shower.[1] Based on these assurances the Postal Police ignore the door. In the meantime another roommate (Filomena) arrives. Upon hearing that Meredith's door is locked Filomena has a very different reaction than Knox. Filomena instantly goes into a panic explaining that Meredith never locks her door and demanding that the door be forced open.

Why it is Suspicious

Amanda Knox lying about Meredith's door locking habits is by itself very damning evidence that she knew what was behind that door. The issue though is made even worse when taken in context with the e-mail Amanda would write later. In that e-mail Knox details what happened the day Meredith's body was discovered. This e-mail contains details that if accepted as truthful makes Knox's attempts to delay the opening of Meredith's door even more absurd. According to Knox's e-mail Sollecito had attempted and failed to force open Meredith's door. According to the e-mail Knox herself had run to the downstairs neighbours who were out of town to seek assistance and then attempted to lean over the veranda in an effort to peer into Meredith's window. Unable to gain access to Meredith's room Knox and Sollecito then decided to call the police emergency number. This is quite an adrenaline rising account Knox composes for her e-mail and it is impossible to reconcile this account with Knox intentionally dissuading the police from opening the locked door. The fact that the police have appeared with the mobile phone of the missing roommate that Knox was so concerned about should have greatly elevated concern. The fact that the Postal Police are present for a considerable amount of time and neither Amanda or Raffaele mentions the locked door is itself unreconcilable with Knox's account. One would expect that the locked door and the missing roommate would be the first issue the couple would bring up once the police unexpectedly appear but they say nothing and Knox actually goes further and lies to the police to keep them from exploring the locked door.


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