Knox Attempting to Delay Discovery of Meredith's Body

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What Happened

On November 2 2007 a mobile phone was discovered in the backyard of a house and turned over to the Postal Police.[1] The first mobile phone discovered was registered to Filomena Romanelli but it belonged to her roommate Meredith Kercher. The Postal Police set out to inquire about the phone and upon arriving at the cottage they discovered Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito at the doorway.[2] The couple would tell the police that there had been a burglary and there was some blood, and they claim that they had called the emergency number of the Carabinieri (Italian Police) and were waiting for them.[3] This would later turn out to not be true[4]

The Postal Police asked about the phone and Amanda Knox explained that even though it was registered to Filomena, the phone actually belonged to her roommate Meredith.[5] Knox explained that Meredith had two mobile phones: an Italian phone that had been given to Meredith by Filomena, and a UK phone that Meredith used to communicate with her family. The Postal Police asked Amanda for the phone number of the other phone, which Knox wrote down on a Post-it Note. Officer Battistelli calls in an update to the situation and is told that Meredith's second phone had been located in the same backyard.

Knox and Sollecito now inside with the two officers of the Postal Police show Officer Battistelli and Officer Marzi Filomena's room and the bathroom where the blood was found.[6] Amanda had called Filomena and told her about the burglary and raised concerns about Meredith, and Filomena had called her boyfriend Marco and dispatched him to the cottage. Marco arrives with his friend Luca.[7] Luca Altieri asks if it was normal that Meredith's door is locked and Amanda explains that there is no reason to be concerned because Meredith locks the door all the time, even to take a shower.[8] Based on Knox's assurance, the Postal Police ignores the door. In the meantime Filomena arrives with her friend Paola. Upon hearing that Meredith's door is locked, Filomena has a very different reaction than Knox. Filomena instantly goes into a panic explaining that Meredith never locks her door and demanding that the door be forced open.[9]

Why it is Suspicious?

The reason it is suspicious is fairly self-evident -- Amanda Knox had cold feet and lied to the police to delay the discovery of Meredith's murder. Both Filomena Romanelli and Laura Mezzetti who shared the cottage with Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher would testify that Meredith never locked her door.[10] The other roommates both made it quite clear that Meredith in the entire time that she lived there had only locked her door once when she had returned to England to see her family.[11] So why would Knox tell the police that Meredith was in the habit of locking her door even to take a shower?

Even if we wanted to give Amanda Knox the benefit of the doubt that she was simply mistaken about Meredith's door locking habits the situation does not get any better. Knox wrote the following in an e-mail outlining what happened on November 2.

i ran outside and down to our neighbors door. the lights were out but i banged ont he door anyway. i wanted to ask them if they had heard anything the night before but no one was home. i ran back into the house. in the living room raffael told me he wanted to see if he could break down merediths door. he tried, and cracked the door, but we couldnt open it. it was then that we decided to call the cops. [12]

According to Amanda Knox's own words there was a lot of concern with respect to Meredith being missing. Knox and Sollecito had tried to force open Meredith's door and failed, Knox had gone for help, Knox had tried to climb over the edge of the veranda and look into Meredith's window, and finally when all had failed they had supposedly decided to call the emergency number and get the police involved. Now by what should have been considered a fortunate twist of fate other police officers arrive uninvited and neither Amanda nor Raffaele say anything about Meredith or the locked door.

What needs to be remembered is that Postal Police arrive announcing that the reason they are there is that they located Meredith's phones discarded in a backyard. If you accept what Knox says happened as truthful all of this is happening minutes after Raffaele had tried to force open the door and called the police but now despite the new information that Meredith's phones have been discovered nobody says anything and Knox actually actively discourages the Postal Police from exploring the locked door. There is no way to reconcile this with a scenario where Knox and Sollecito are not involved in the murder.

Was Knox's Statement Misunderstood?

Defenders of Amanda Knox claim that because her Italian was not very good she misspoke. Asking people to accept that is an insult to intelligence.

  • How does "even to take a shower" possibly fit into a scenario where Amanda Knox intended to communicate that the door being locked was a concern?
  • Regardless of what Knox intended to communicate based on the Postal Police's inaction it would have been clear they did not understand the gravity of the situation to which Knox would have objected.
  • Even ignoring that Knox told the Postal Police that there is nothing to be concerned about the fact that the locked door and concern for Meredith was never mentioned when the Postal Police present themselves and announce they are there because Meredith's mobile phones were found tossed in a backyard is itself just as damning. Under what possible fact situation does someone go from forcing open a door and calling 911 to not even mentioning the situation to police officers who appear on the scene a few minutes later? The scenario is absurd especially given the reason for the unexpected arrival of the police is that the mobile phones of the person you're concerned about have been located abandoned under strange circumstances.

There is no way to reconcile what Amanda Knox said happened before the Postal Police arrived with what happened after they arrived. There is no way to innocently explain away Knox's attempt to delay the opening of Meredith's door. Knox had to know it was inevitable that the door would be opened but she panicked when faced with the reality that it was about to happen right now so tried to delay it.


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