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The Scientific Police undertook an extensive fingerprinting exercise in the cottage, but found very little of evidential value. There was a single bloody print left by Rudy Guede in Meredith's bedroom, but no other prints of his anywhere in the cottage. No prints at all were found in the passage or the the small bathroom adjacent to Meredith's room. Only one print of Amanda Knox was found anywhere in the cottage.

The following picture is a fingerprint map from the cottage, produced by the Perugia police.

"Police fingerprint map of the cottage"
Police fingerprint map of the cottage

The map is more easily viewed in sections:


Key to fingerprint color code

"Fingerprints: Color codes"
Fingerprints: Color codes

Meredith's bedroom

"Fingerprints: Meredith's bedroom"
Fingerprints: Meredith's bedroom
  • Most of the prints (15 in total) are shown by color-code as Meredith's.
  • Two prints, Fr.49 and Fr. 50 match Giacomo Silenzi (Meredith's boyfriend).
  • There are two unattributable prints on the desk (Fr. 63) and two on the door (Fr.72) (in green)
  • Two prints matching Raffaele Sollecito (Fr. 68 and Fr. 72) are on the outside of the door.
  • One print, Fr. B matches Rudy Guede.

Amanda Knox's bedroom

"Fingerprints: Knox's bedroom"
Fingerprints: Amanda Knox's bedroom
  • Three finger prints on the window (Fr. 80, Fr. 81 and Fr. 82) were unattributable/
  • Two more on the wardrobe doors (Fr. 74 and Fr. 76) were also unattributable.
  • There was one print of Meredith on the right hand wardrobe door.
  • No prints of Guede, Sollecito or Knox, herself, were found in the room.

Filomena Romanelli's bedroom

"Fingerprints: Filomena Romanelli's bedroom"
Fingerprints: Filomena Romanelli's bedroom

Only two prints were found, both belonging to Filomena herself. One was on the wardrobe door (Fr. 101) and the other was on the inside of the door out into the passage (Fr. 99).

The small bathroom

"Fingerprints: The small bathroom"
Fingerprints: The small bathroom

The small bathroom was shared by Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox. No fingerprints were found in it.

The passage

"Fingerprints: The passage"
Fingerprints: The passage

The only fingerprint was Fr.92. This was an unattributed print found on the outside of the windows that lead onto the terrace.

The kitchen/living room

"Fingerprints: The kitchen/living room"
Fingerprints: The kitchen/living room

There were the following prints:

  • Fr. 102 was an unattributed print in the sink area.
  • Fr. 103 was Amanda Knox's print, also in the sink area.
  • Fr.86 was Raffaele Sollecito's print on the fridge.

The large bathroom

"Fingerprints: The large bathroom"
Fingerprints: The large bathroom

Two prints were found in the large bathroom, both in the door between the inner and outer sections of the room.

  • Fr. 25 was a print of Filomena Romanelli.
  • Fr. 22 was a print of Laura Mezzetti.

Laura Mezzetti's bedroom

"Fingerprints: Laura Mezzetti's bedroom"
Fingerprints: Laura Mezzetti's bedroom

The following prints were found:

  • Fr. 12, on the inside of the door, attributable to Raffaele Sollecito.
  • Eight prints,Fr. 1, Fr. 3, Fr. 4, Fr. 6, Fr. 8, Fr. 9, Fr. 10, Fr. 13, were also on the door and were attributable to Laura Mezzetti.
  • Three more prints, Fr. 15, Fr. 16, Fr 18, were on the desk/dressing table units and were also attributable to Laura.
  • Two further prints, Fr 14. and Fr. 17, were unattributed.