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This part of the Wiki contains files related to the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher, to its media coverage and to files generally related to forensics or other subjects peripheral to the case. Files consist of documents, images, videos, audios.
The files are organized for access in different ways: via a single page master list, by general type of document, by the subject matter of the file's contents or by chronology of when the file was obtained or created.

NOTE: We have created a new and improved version of the file library at this website [1]. This file library contains more documents and many more image files. It also has more comprehensive orderings of the files in the file library as well as a case timeline, a more detailed list of evidence and a page dedicated to key documents, as a primer for newcomers to the case. It supersedes the file library found here.


Master list

Lists all documents on the Wiki in one long list.
File library: Master list

Files by type

This page groups files by general type and/or category. It includes documents and links to other files types like audio files, video files, etc.
File library: Files by type

Files by subject

This page groups some of the files by subject matter, such as all files related to the knives, all files related to DNA, all files related to a certain person, etc. This section is under development.
File library: Files by subject

Files by chronology

This page groups files by the case chronology. This section will eventually substitute the old section referenced below.
File library: Files by chronology

Sources of files

File library: Sources

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