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Every effort is made to maintain as accurate a record as possible but as a collaborative effort of a complex topic we accept that errors are a possibility. As such we invite our readers to submit corrections if they believe there is an error.


While we welcome all feedback for corrections to be accepted they must be accompanied by references to supporting documentation that meets the following criteria.

  • High-quality photos and data, primary sources and an accurate translation of a primary source. This includes all documents used during the court proceedings.

Ideally we would prefer to source everything to primary sources. Unfortunately we do not have transcripts for all the witnesses so we will accept:

  • Articles written by reporters fluent in Italian who were present during the trial and are reporting on what they themselves witnessed, or interviews they've conducted.

When using newspaper accounts we will attempt to get two articles in different publications to corroborate a point.


  • John Follain's Death in Perugia. This is by far the most accurate book on the murder and while we will not accept it as a source uncorroborated we will take note of any correction based on Follain's book and seek out corroboration.

How to Submit Corrections

If you have found something that you believe we have stated incorrectly you can bring that to the attention of the volunteers by emailing Corrections -- Requests for corrections that are not accompanied by supporting documentation will be ignored.