An Introduction

From The Murder of Meredith Kercher
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November, 01 2007

November, 02 2007

The Investigation and Arrest

The Massei Trial

The Hellmann Trial

The Scope

The scope of Hellmann was limited to an examination of the witness that put Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in the the vicinity of the murder thus invalidating their alibi, the assignment of experts to reevaluate the DNA evidence, and new evidence in the form of a series of prisoners who claimed to have information about the murder.


The DNA Review

The Prison Informants

Mario Alessi

Luciano Aviello

Luciano Aviello was Raffaele's ex-cellmate in prison and he had a history of making revelations on prominent criminal cases that never ended up having any merit. It didn't take long for Luciano to start proclaiming that Raffaele was not the murder and that he knew who the real killer was. Despite multiple attempts to get the attention of authorities everyone ignore Luciano. In an act of less than stellar judgement Amanda Knox's legal team eventually contact and deposed Aviello.

Aviello's story was that the real murder was his fugitive brother Antonio. Both brothers were connected to the Camorra and both brothers were living in Perugia when Meredith's murder happened.

The Supreme Court of Cassation

Where are we Know