Amanda Knox Knew Details of the Crime She Shouldn't Have Known

From The Murder of Meredith Kercher
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What Happened

Amanda Knox made two statements to Meredith's friends that the police found suspicious.

The first was that she knew Meredith had been killed by the closet. Meredith's body was in the middle of the room and her body was covered with a duvet. When Knox said that Meredith was killed in the closet nobody except the killers knew that. Amanda Knox knew that so it follows that she had to have participated in the attack.

The second statement is with respect to Meredith's death being drawn out. Natalie Hayward a friend of Meredith's expressed that she hoped Meredith had gone quickly and not suffered. Amanda shot back with "What do you think? She fuck'en bled to death." Besides being a callous statement it clearly indicates that Knox knew that Meredith took a long time and that she suffered. This is true and someone who participated in the murder would know that. Why a innocent friend would know or say this is really difficult to explain.

Knox's Testimony Regarding Mentioning the Body in the Closet

GM: We can go backwards later. Did you see Meredith's room?
AK: No.
GM: Did you get a glimpse?
AK: No.
GM: Where were you?
AK: I was near the entrance, in the living room.
GM: Sollecito was with you?
AK: Yes.
GM: So he didn't see either.
AK: He didn't either.
GM: From what Frost, Meredith's friend, said, and the others, we heard that you, or Sollecito, claimed to have seen the body in the closet, covered with a sheet, and nothing could be seen but a foot. Now if you hadn't seen the room, and Raffaele hadn't seen it either, how could you make this observation? How could you -- I'm asking another question -- and how could this closet contain Meredith's body? You know the closet, right? I have a black and white photo of it here. Here. This closet.
AK: All right. Firstly, I think Frost made a little mistake, because I never said that I saw Meredith's body in the closet. I said that I had heard people around me saying that there was a body in the closet, that was covered, with a foot sticking out. I too was confused by this, but that's what I heard. But when people kept on asking me what happened, what they had found, I answered what I had heard.
GM: Or what Raffaele told you.
AK: Raffaele, or the people he was asking for me.


GM: So, who were these people who said this to Raffaele?
AK: We were all asking each other, because there was Filomena's friend, who had maybe obviously heard it from the police, but it's not like a followed exactly where the information was coming from. Everyone was talking. Everyone was giving explanations and versions and information, and I kept turning to Raffaele because at least he understood the language. I didn't even understand...
GM: Raffaele didn't tell you who told him?
AK: No, but he was explaining to me above all what I asked him: what happened, what was in the room, those things.
GM: I'm asking you, but if you don't know, just tell me: did he say to you "Filomena told me" or "such-and-such told me", Altieri, the tall girl, the others that were there that saw into the room. There was no girl in the closet. Did he tell you who told him that? That there was a girl inside the closet?
AK: No, he didn't tell me who said that. It was the people around.

Amanda Knox's Testimony About Meredith Dying Slowly

FM: You mentioned to your friends in the Questura that according to you, Meredith died slowly.
AK: They said...
FM: How did you come to say that?
AK: I heard that her throat was cut, and from what I saw in CSI [Crime Scene Investigation] of these things, these things are neither quick nor pleasant. So when they said "We hope she died quickly," like I don't know, in some other way, I said "But what are you saying, her throat was cut, good Lord, bleargh." I had remained at that point, that brutality, this death that was really blechh, that made a horrible impression. That was what really struck me, that fact of having your throat cut. It seemed so gross, and I imagined that it was a very slow and terrifying death. So when they said "We hope it was like this," I said "No, I think it was really gross, disgusting."