The Massei Report

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The trial of Knox and Sollecito took place, in Perugia, between January and December 2009. The presiding judge was Dr Giancarlo Massei, assisted by a second professional judge, Dr Beatrice Cristiani, and six 'lay judges'. Knox and Sollecito were found guilty of murder, sexual assault and other charges related to the case. In accordance with Italian law, the judges produced a report detailing their interpretation of the evidence and the thought processes that led to their verdict. This document is sometimes referred to in English as a "motivations report" or as a "sentencing report": often just by the name of the presiding judge - the "Massei Report". It runs to 427 pages.

  • Volunteers at also produced an English language summary, which condenses the 427 page report into a pdf, just over 20 pages long, with page number references to the original report. Summary of the Massei Report
    • A witness by witness accounting of the testimony is also available here: Massei Trial

Massei Report

The Massei Report is a large PDF file. It might take some time to load.