The Giordano Sentencing Report

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Rudy Guede's final appeal was held on December 16, 2010, at the Supreme Court of Cassation, presided over by Judge Umberto Giordano. In accordance with Italian law, the rationale for the court's decisions was written up as a public document known as a "sentencing report" or "motivations report". This document has been translated into English by a team of volunteers at the message board.

This judgement firmly rejected Guede's appeal, but made it clear that others were involved. For example, the staging of the crime scene:

And it should also be noted, as the judges of the lower courts have correctly held, that following the murder an activity occurred intended to simulate an attempted theft, which the judges of lower courts and the defence of the same appellant agree was an operation done by others and not by the defendant...

It lists other evidence that leads to the conclusion that several people were involved in the murder:

Factual findings, among which traces of Raffaele Sollecito DNA in the victim's bra, the piece of bra cleanly cut seemingly with a knife, traces of Amanda Knox DNA on the handle of a knife found in the home of the former, expert results that because of the morphology of the injuries, attribute them to two different cutting weapons used by different individuals, and footprints not attributable to Guede on the floor of the room where Meredith’s body lay, convinced the appeal judges that several people acted together.

The Giordano Sentencing Report