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Myths Debunked

The evening of November 1st, according to the accused:


Amanda: We left my house and went straight to Raffaele's.[1]
Raffaele: We left Amanda's house and went for a long walk.
Raffaele's friend: I stopped by Raf's at 5:45 and Amanda was there.[2]


Raffaele (1): We left Amanda's house and went for a walk downtown, and parted company at 9:00. [3](Statement to Police)
Raffaele (2): We went to party with one of my friends. [4]
Computer: Downloaded and played Amelie movie at 6:30. [5]



8:18: Patrick texts Amanda to tell her not to come in to work. [6]
8:35: Amanda texts back, "OK, see you later." On November 5 she first denied to the police that she had texted back. [7]
8:40: Friend returns to Raf's place to tell him she doesn't need a ride to the bus station, is greeted at the door by Amanda. [8]
8:42: Raffaele's father calls him. Raffaele says he is with Amanda, washing the dinner dishes, and notices the leaky pipe under the sink. [9]
Amanda: "One thing I do remember is that I took a shower with Raffaele and this might explain how we passed the time. In truth, I do not remember exactly what day it was, but I do remember that we had a shower and we washed ourselves for a long time. He cleaned my ears, he dried and combed my hair." (Written statement to Police 6 November)
Both cell phones are turned off.
Meredith arrives home around 9:00, eats a mushroom, has a glass of wine.


Meredith calls home [10]
Curatolo arrives in the square and sees the two already there, looking toward the house and arguing, specifies this was the night before the arrival of the forensic police [11]
Computer: Amelie concludes and closes at 9:10 [12]. No further interaction that night.
Raffaele, Nov 5th: Amanda went to Le Chic to meet friends and didn't return until 1:00. Withdrawal of Amanda's alibi[13]
Amanda: We ate dinner. (testimony): [14]
LG: Yes. And did you eat dinner?
AK: Yes. But it was very late when we ate.
LG: Fish?
AK: Yes. Fish and a salad.
LG: And then something happened to the faucet of the sink?
AK: Yes. While Raffaele was washing the dishes, water was coming out from underneath. He looked down, turned off the water and then looked underneath and the pipe underneath "got loose" and water was coming out.
GCM: Can you say what time this was?
AK: Um, around, um, we ate around 9:30 or 10


Meredith calls voicemail and bank [15]
Curatolo testifies that he saw the two return to the basketball court [16]
Ceccarelli: Confirms Curatolo's presence in the square that night [17]
Amanda: We ate dinner. [18]
Monacchia Antonella: Hears a couple arguing, followed by a loud scream. [19]


Scream is heard by Nara Capezzali. [20]
Meredith TOD (approx).
Nara Capezzali hears footsteps on the metal stairs up to the parking lot, and on the path. [21]
Maria Dramis hears running steps [22]
Rudy, fleeing, collides with Allessandra Formica (Micheli trial)
Amanda: We smoked a joint, made love, fell asleep.[23]
Raffaele: I made myself some dinner, talked to my dad, and cruised the internet until 1:00am.[24]
Computer: No activity. [25]
ISP: No activity. [26]
Phone: Dad texts Raffaele around this time; message was not received until 5:30 next morning when the phone was turned on. [27]
Amanda: Patrick did it.


A+R: We were asleep
Raffaele: I was alone


Amanda returns home, per Raffaele's earlier statement.


Rudy shows up at Domus nightclub


Amanda: "I think it is possible Raffaele went to Meredith's house, raped her, then killed her and then when he got home, while I was sleeping, he pressed my fingerprints on the knife." [28]

4am-5am: ?


A+R: We were asleep.
Raffaele's computer plays music for a half-hour or so. [29]


A+R: We were asleep.
Phone: Turned on to receive last night's text from father, sent 11:41. [30]


A+R: We were asleep.
Amanda is outside a general store, waiting for it to open. [31][32]


A+R: We were asleep.


Amanda: I was asleep
Raffale: Amanda woke up before me and went home [33]
Raffaele talks to his dad at 9:24 and 9:30am [34]

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