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Raffaele Sollecito owned several pocket knives: some sources even describe him as having an "obsession with knives"[1] When he was arrested, the police seized two knives (in addition to The Double DNA Knife): one from Sollecito's house and one which, inexplicably, was in his pocket when he went to the police station.[2] Neither of these knives were thought to have played any part in the murder of Meredith Kercher, but Sollecito's interest in knives was a fact that was given consideration by the court.[3]

Raffaele's knives have been analyzed in detail by TJMK poster SomeAlibi.[4] The following is a summary of that analysis.

Brian Tighe design knife

"Raffaele Sollecito's Brian Tighe design knife"
Raffaele's Brian Tighe design knife
This knife, stamped with the words "Brian Tighe Design", was made by the Columbia River Knife & Tool company (one of their 811x series knifes bearing Brian Tighe’s name). CRKT is a dedicated knife company, which specializes in working with the world’s leading knife designers and producing the knives for a bigger market but still as proper aficionado pieces. Such a knife is prized for being able to catch the edge of a sheet of paper and then slice straight through the width of the paper side-on without any tension in the paper. That’s what a knife like this is capable of. The current model that replaced Raffaele’s now out-of-series model sells for about $80 at retail. There is a serrated rectangular stud at the top of the blade, resembling a bar code in the photograph. It is, in fact, a rectangular thumb stud you flick the knife open with. When you do, the knife goes to a locked position unlike many "pocket-knives". In English speaking knife circles, these knives are not generally referred to as pocket-knives but are called tactical knives, which are a cross-over of usage knives for outdoors/cutting etc. but also for personal "protection".

Spyderco knife

"Raffaele Sollecito's Spyderco knife"
Raffaele's Spyderco knife
This is a knife made by Spyderco – a large premium knife manufacturer of tactical and many other types of knives. This particular model is a Delica4 Emerson Opener retailing for about $109.95rrp. Of particular note about this knife is the hole and the top edge. The hole, a Spyderco feature, allows a thumb to flick the blade open very quickly. This knife is about speed.

But actually the thumb hole is not the real speed feature – that is reserved for the top edge curl. This is a truly specialist feature known as an Emerson Opener or "wave". The idea is that the curl in metal catches on the edge of a pocket edge on drawing the knife and opens it immediately.

The job of the wave feature is to provide the fastest opening knife in the world bar none – faster than a flick or spring knife in fact. Spyderco, themselves, say "Spyderco will undoubtedly fulfil many knife nuts fantasy picks with the introduction of the Delica and Endura with Emerson's opening".[5]


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