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Senator Maria Cantwell wrote three letters on behalf of Amanda Knox. The first two were dated September 3, 2008 and addressed to His Excellency Giovanni Castellaneta the Ambassador of Italy in Washington and a second letter was addressed Honorable Ronald Spogli the Ambassador of the United States in Rome. On January 15, 2009 Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Adam Smith sent a letter to Silvio Berlisconi, the president of Italy

Senator Cantwell’s letter to His Excellency Giovanni Castellaneta the Ambassador of Italy

This letter requests that the Italian government ensure Amanda Knox receive a fair trial by an impartial tribunal that appears like something that would not need saying except that Amanda Knox’s family and supporters exploited the language barrier and the information vacuum to mislead Senator Cantwell. For example, Senator Cantwell goes on to describe Knox’s interrogation as 14 hours and involving at least eight police officers and only one interpreter. The interrogation was at most a little over an hour, it involved one male and one female police officer, and the interpreter. It is clear Senator Cantwell is motivated by concern but that concern is based on being fed misinformation that at the time she would not have been able to confirm. The family gave this information to Cantwell knowing it was false.

Cantwell Ambassador Castellaneta 2009.jpg

Senator Cantwell’s letter to The Honorable Ronald P Spogli

This letter is similar to the one written to the Italian Ambassador containing the same mistakes about the interrogation. The Knox family gave this false information to Senator Cantwell to motivate her to do something with no concern to the embarrassment that would befall Cantwell from making false statements to diplomats and foreign heads of state.

Cantwell Ambassador Spogli 2009.jpg

Senator Cantwell’s letter to Silvio Berlusconi

Senator Cantwell did not violate any rules by contacting a foreign head of state although proper decorum should have included courtesy copying the State Department. This letter is a request that Berlusconi ensure that Amanda Knox receive a fair trial, the implication being that without this request there was a real possibility that Italy would just subject Amanda Knox to a corrupt legal system. The discussion of America watching and a discussion of the United States – Italy relationship comes dangerously close to being inappropriate.

Cantwell Berlusconi 2009.jpg