Sara Boccali's Testimony (English)

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This is an English language summary of the testimony. See Sara Boccali's Testimony for the original Italian transcript.

Summary of Sara Boccali's Testimony

Sara Boccali was Raffaele Sollecito's landlady and she testified to the following:

  • Raffaele Sollecito signed a lease to rent the apartment from November 1st 2006 until October 31 2007. In mid-October Sollecito requested and was given permission to extend his stay by a couple of days. Sollecito was to defend his thesis either November 14th or 15th and required the apartment until then.
  • Because of the investigation the apartment was impounded. Sollecito's father compensated her for the loss of income from the apartment being unavailable for renting.
  • Sollecito was a model tenant. There were no noise complaints.
  • Sollecito did have an issue with the hot water in the apartment. Boccali was informed by Sollecito that he had had a plumber look at the problem at his own expense and that the plumber had said a water softener needed to be installed. Boccali dispatched her own plumber who was also a friend and he resolved the lack of hot water problem without installing a water softener. Boccali does not remember when this happened.

Sara Boccali's Testimony English Translation

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