Robyn Butterworth's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Robyn Butterworth's Testimony

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  • Robyn Butterworth was one of Meredith's British Friends.
  • The brown handbag on the bed was often used by Meredith, when she was going to university.
  • The book in the cream carry-bag she had on that pizza-and-film-and-apple-crumble-and-ice-cream night was Robyn’s: it was a book, in English, on English medieval history.
  • Robyn didn’t remember if the pizza had (“by any chance”, as the prosecutor asked) any mushrooms.
  • On the morning of the 2nd, Robyn and Meredith (attending classes together) were supposed to meet at 10am for a lecture. They didn’t realise it was supposed to be a holiday. When Meredith didn’t turn up by 10, Robyn wasn’t worried, since Meredith was always arriving late. Robyn phoned her lots of time between 10 and 11. There was going to be an exam, the following Monday, and Robyn needed the book to prepare.
  • At first, the phone rang, straight after 10, but then afterwards it was out of range. She rang after not receiving any replies to her texts.
  • She spoke with Amy a bit, and then called Sophie, to see if anyone had been able to reach Meredith. Sophie said no, but after a bit a lady from the university called Sophie to say that a body had been found and if she knew a girl called Meredith because the dead girl was called Meredith.
  • Sophie went over to Amy and Robyn’s place and told them these things, and the lady from the university had said some things that were not correct, so they weren’t sure if it was their Meredith.
  • They started heading towards Meredith’s place but at that point the police called Sophie, and said they would come by and pick them up at the University for Foreigners.
  • While waiting there in front, there were journalists, and a person by the name of DJ Naff was talking to Pisco, in Italian, saying it was about a girl who was living in Meredith’s house. Robyn asked him to stop talking about it and he said the body was still in the house and she said, “I don’t want to talk about it, stop talking about it”.
  • People were saying the dead girl was Welsh[1] and they got her age wrong, and were saying she was near Meredith’s house, so they weren’t sure that it was her.
  • They arrived at the Questura around 5.30 - 6.00pm. No one had told them that Meredith was dead. They understood that it was Meredith because they were all together there, in that room at the police station, and she was the only one who wasn’t there.

Robyn Butterworth's Testimony

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  1. Presumably on the basis that the name “Meredith” is of Welsh origin; it would be akin to saying someone called Odette was French.