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Images 2-18:Postal Police Fiat Punto Arriving

Covers Time stamp: 12:36:12pm to 12:36:20pm (adjusted to 12:26:12pm to 12:26:20pm)

A Fiat Punto identified by investigators as belonging to the Postal Police is see on Via della Pergola at the entrance of the parking garage.

Images 19-29:Fiat Punto Stops Near Entrance To Parking Garage

Covers Time Stamp: 12:36:20 to 12:36:31 (adjusted time 12:26:20 to 12:26:31)

The Fiat Punto stops at the entrance to the parking garage presumable while Battistelli and Marsi consider what to do since they can't locate #7 Via della Pergola.

Images 30-34:Fiat Punto Seems To Leave Again

Covers Time Stamp: 12:36:32 to 12:36:35 (adjusted time 12:26:32 to 12:36:35)

The Fiat Punto starts moving again turning into the entrance to the parking garage.

Images 35-40:Fiat Punto Stops Again

Covers Time Stamp: 12:36:35 to 12:36:39 (Adjusted time 12:26:35 to 12:26:39)

The Fiat Punto stops while slightly angled into parking garage entrance.

Images 41-51:Fiat Punto Maneuvers in Reverse

Covers Time Stamp: 12:36:41 to 12:36:41 (adjusted time 12:26:41 to 12:26:41)

The Fiat Punto shifts into reverse and backs up down Via della Pergola out of the view of the camera heading away from the cottage.

Images 53-65:Fiat Passes Again

Covers Time Stamp: 12:41:19 to 12:41:24 (adjusted time 12:31:19 to 12:31:24)

The Fiat Punto enters the cameras range and moves from left to right toward the direction of the cottage.

Barbadori states this as the Postal Police arriving in his testimony. The defense claims that the Fiat Punto should be seen angling toward the cottage if that was the case but that the car is angled instead to drive right past the cottage.

Images 66-72:A Man Runs Across The Street

Covers Time Stamp: 12:41:25 to 12:41:27 (adjusted time 12:31:25 to 12:31:27)

A human figure is seen crossing diagonally from the direction of the cottage across Via della Pergola. The defense claims that the human figure is a man wearing black pants and white sneakers.

Images 74-84:A Second Man Meets Up With The First Man

Covers Time Stamp: 12:48:52 to 12:48:55 (adjusted time 12:38:52 to 12:38:55)

A pair of legs with black pants are seen coming from the direction the previous man went. A second human figure is seen coming from the direction of the cottage. The man coming from the direction of the cottage stops and the other man starts crossing the street heading toward the second figure. The defense maintains that these two figures are Battistelli and Marsi.

The defense can't be right about this because according to both Battistelli and Marsi's testimonies Marsi never left the car. Inspector Battistelli went to look for #7 on foot while Marsi waited in the car by the entrance to the parking structure. When Battistelli located the cottage he waved Marsi in and proceed to talk to Knox and Sollecito. Marsi parked the car in the cottage parking lot and by the time he caught up to Battistelli he was in the entrance way to the cottage. Whoever those people in the street are they are not Inspector Battistelli and Marsi.