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Details of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's mobile phone logs appear in the Massei Report, but the following is a version with shortened the descriptions for better readability, and including the location where the phone has been used. Full numbers have been redacted for reasons of privacy. The list in this form was compiled by poster Nell at[1]

Raffaele Sollecito's phone activity for the day of 2.11.07

  • 06:02:59 received the SMS from his father wishing him a good night
  • 09:24 Raffaele Sollecito received a phone call from his father lasting 248 seconds
  • 09:29 another call was received lasting 38 seconds
  • 09:30 the father called Raffaele; the call connected to the Vial Belardi sector 7 cell (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:35: Raffaele’s mobile phone contacted a service centre for a phone [credit] recharge (at the cottage)
  • 12:38: Vodafone sent a message of confirmation of phone [credit] recharge (at the cottage)
  • 12:40: incoming call from the father’s mobile phone (at the cottage)
  • 12:50:34 outgoing call directed at mobile phone 347-132**** belonging to Vanessa Sollecito, sister of the defendant; duration 39 seconds (at the cottage)
  • 12:51:40 Raffaele Sollecito called 112 to inform the Carabinieri of the presumed theft in Romanelli’s room, duration 169 seconds (at the cottage)
  • 12:54: a second call by Raffaele to 112, duration 57 seconds (at the cottage)

Amanda Knox's phone activity for the day of 2.11.07

  • 12:07:12 (duration of 16 seconds) Amanda calls the English phone number 0044784******* belonging to Meredith Kercher. (at Sollecito's)
  • 12.08.44 (lasted 68 seconds) Amanda calls Romanelli Filomena on number 347- 107**** (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:11:02 (3 seconds) the Vodafone number 348-46***** belonging to Meredith (this is the one [i.e. SIM card] registered to Romanelli Filomena) is called and its answering service is activated (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:11:54 (4 seconds): another call is made towards Meredith’s English mobile phone number (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:12:35 (lasting 36 seconds) Romanelli Filomena calls Amanda Knox (No. 348- 46*****) (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:20:44 (lasting 65 seconds) Romanelli F. calls Amanda (at Sollecito's)
  • 12:34:56 (48 seconds): Filomena calls Amanda (at the cottage)
  • 12:47:23 (duration of 88 seconds): Amanda calls the American (USA) number 001200******** (at the cottage)
  • 13:24:18 (duration of 162 seconds): Amanda calls the same American number which corresponds to the home of her mother (at the cottage)
  • 13:27:32 (duration of 26 seconds): Amanda calls the American number 00120******* (at the cottage)
  • 13:29:00 (duration of 296 seconds) Amanda receives [a call] from No. 075/54***** (at the cottage)
  • 13:58:33 (1 second): this is an attempted call to her mother’s number
  • 13:50:06 (350 seconds): Amanda calls the American number 0012069****** (at the cottage)
  • 14:46:14 (102 seconds) Amanda receives a call from the German number 49415*******
  • 15:31:51 (1 second): Amanda receives an SMS sent from the number 389/153**** (at the police station)


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