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Summary of Michele Battistelli's Testimony

  • Michele Battistelli is an officer of the Postal Police who along with Fabio Marsi was sent to Via della Pergola #7 because a mobile phone belonging to Filomena Romanelli was found.
    • Asked if it is standard to immediately send two officers because of a lost mobile phone, Battistelli said no but the phone was located outside a home where there had been a bomb threat hoax the previous night.
    • Defense asked about Bartolozzi's report mentioning both phones. Battistelli explained that Bartolozzi's report is being misread and that when they were sent, there was only one phone. He learned of the second phone at the cottage. This was already established in Bartolozzi's testimony where this was asked and answered several times.
  • Battistelli testified that he looked at the clock when he left the offices of the Postal Police and that it was noon. Asked a second time he said 12:00pm, maybe 12:05pm
    • He estimated the travel time as 20 minutes because they originally were unable to locate the cottage and had to spend a few minutes looking for it. They had to do a loop and then Battistelli got out of the car and looked on foot. Battistelli estimated it took 10 minutes to get to the general area. Asked a third time about estimated arrival, he said it took 10 minutes to get to the University of Foreigners and then the rest of the time was spent looking on Via della Pregola.
    • Battistelli estimated that they arrived around 12:30pm because when he entered the cottage he looked at his watch and noted the time and it was 12:35pm and some time had been spent talking to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito outside. Asked by the defense why they should trust his time estimate, Battistelli responded that because he had looked at his watch.
  • Battistelli testified that when he arrived, Knox and Sollecito were outside near Romanelli's window, the supposed point of entry for the burglary. Asked about the shutters Battistelli described them as ajar with the right one slightly more open. Battistelli described Knox as wearing a green sweater but no jacket which was not proper clothing for being outside given the weather. Sollecito was wearing a coat and a yellow scarf.
  • Knox and Sollecito seemed embarrassed and surprised by the unexpected appearance of Inspector Battistelli. They told Battistelli that after spending the night away they had returned that morning to find the break-in and that they were waiting for the Carabinieri.
  • Once Marsi had finished parking the car, they all went inside. Battistelli explained that he went to look at Romanelli's room and he noticed clothing had been thrown around. Battistelli estimated that he spent 10 to 15 minutes looking at the room and that he touched nothing.
    • What stuck out to Battistelli was that the glass from the broken window was on top of the clothing.
    • Battistelli also noted a digital camera and laptop in plain sight. A second laptop was visible in Laura's room.
    • He estimated that the stone was 20cms and weighted 4kg to 5kg.
    • Battistelli knew it was a staged burglary instantly based on this information as well as the resting position of the stone. He told Sollecito that that the burglary was simulated.
  • Battistelli did not see the blood in the bathroom or anything else. He stayed by Romanelli's room and the kitchen until Meredith's door was forced open.
  • During the time that Battistelli was looking at Filomena's room Sollecito was in and out of the cottage. Asked if Sollecito was always visible Battistelli said no. When he was outside Battistelli could not see him.
  • Asked if he saw Knox with a phone during that time Battistelli said no.
  • Battistelli asked for Filomena Romanelli's phone number but rather than give him Filomena's number Amanda Knox gave him Meredith's mobile phone number. Battistelli looked at the paper with the number and recognized the number as belonging to the phone at the Postal Police office whose owner he was sent to find.
  • Battistelli's supervisor called to report that a second phone was located in the same location. Battistelli didn't remember a second phone conversation with Bartolozzi before the door was forced open.
  • Battistelli reported that Filomena, Paola, Luca, and Marco all arrived together around 1:00pm.
  • Battistelli was asked if he noticed if the washing machine was in operation and he said that he did not notice.
  • Battistelli testified that when Filomena arrived, she spent 2-3 minutes inspecting her room and determined that nothing was missing. Filomena then came to talk to Battistelli and learned about the mobile phone. Filomena explained that while the phone was registered to her, it was currently being used by her roommate Meredith Kercher.
  • The topic of Meredith locked door was raised. Romanelli got anxious because Meredith never locked her door. Romanelli said that the only time Meredith had locked her door was when she returned to the UK to visit her family. Romanelli demanded that the door be forced open. The decision is made to force open the door, and Luca Altieri kicks it three times with it finally opening on the fourth kick.
    • Asked where Knox and Sollecito were at this time, Battistelli said they had gone outside.
    • Meredith's foot could be seen from under the duvet and there was lots of blood.
    • Everyone was forced to go outside. Battistelli insisted that he did not enter Meredith's room. This was later contradicted by Altieri who claimed that he saw Battistelli step in for a few seconds. Battistelli was asked about his shoes and responded that they were Stan Smith 2 Adidas shoes of size 45 with the green soles.
    • Battistelli called his supervisor Filippo Bartolozzi and 113. Battistelli was on the phone for roughly twenty minutes.
  • Asked when the Carabinieri arrived, Battistelli responded that it was 5 minutes after the door was forced open, which took place at 1:15pm according to Battistelli. Later he was asked again about this, and said it was a quarter of an hour after the discovery of the body.
  • Battistelli was responsible for looking at Sollecito's phone records. He determined that based on the phone records Sollecito called the 112 emergency number after the Postal Police had arrived.

Michele Battistelli's Testimony

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