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Matteini Hearing Summary

The Matteini hearing was a pre-trial hearing to determine if Raffaele Sollecito would be allowed house arrest or if he would be subject to precautionary incarceration held the 8th of November 2007.

The decision includes a summary of the facts as stated by Raffaele Sollecito;

  • Raffaele Sollecito states that he met Amanda Knox at a classical music concert that took place two weeks prior. He had sex with her that night and after that Sollecito accompanied Knox to and from Knox Le Chic the pub Amanda Knox was employed 2-3 times but did not stay. Sollecito claims to not know Patrick Lumumba or any of the staff at Le Chic. Amanda Knox had falsely accused Patrick Lumumba and at this time he was in custody on the basis of Knox's statement. He would later be cleared of any involvement and Knox would be convicted of calunnia for falsely accusing Lumemba.
  • With respect to the events of November 1st Raffaele states that Amanda wanted to go to the cottage to see her friends. He met her there between 1pm and 2pm and Meredith was present. Sollecito includes the detail that Meredith was wearing jeans that belonged to her previous British boyfriend. Meredith left at 4pm and Raffaele and Amanda left at 6pm. Raffaele claims they went for a long walk past Piazza Grimana to the Morlacchi fountain in Piazza Vannucci. This would conflict with Knox's statement that insisted they went straight to Raffaele's apartment from the cottage.
  • Raffaele states that he smokes marijuana often and that he does not know how much he smoked that day but that he did smoke some.
  • Raffaele claims he does not remember when he had dinner. He thinks that he had dinner with Amanda but is not sure.
  • Sollecito states that Amanda Knox received a text message saying she did not have to come to work.
  • Sollecito recounts how his pipe broke while washing dishes and it caused a spill. He was frustrated while cleaning it up so at the suggestion of Amanda left it to be cleaned the following day.
  • According to Sollecito the following morning Knox wanted to take a shower at her apartment so left around 9:30-10:00am. Raffaele remained in bed. According to Sollecito Knox returned later and he does not remember if they had breakfast or not but Knox was wearing different clothing and had a mop.
  • According to Sollecito Amanda then told him that she had found the front door to her residence open and that there was blood. She asked him to come with her to the cottage to investigate. According to Sollecito when they arrived at the cottage they opened Filomena's door and saw the broken window. The bathroom was mostly clean but there was some blood but Raffaele states Amanda said it was likely from one of the girls menstruating or maybe someone cut themselves.
  • According to Sollecito he noticed that Meredith;s door was locked. He tried to force open the door while Amanda leaned over the balcony railing to attempt to look into Meredith's room. Raffaele claims that Amanda was knocking and repeatedly calling Meredith's name. He then tried to look through the keyhole but could not see anything except a duffel bag.
  • Raffaele claims that he then told Amanda to call her roommates and he called his sister who was a police officer in a different city.
  • Raffaele describes talking to the Postal Police about the break-in and Meredith's locked door. He includes few details other than Filomena and her friends arrived and the door was forced open.

Judge Matteini ruled that Raffaele Sollecito should remain incarcerated during his trial.