Marco Miccolini's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Marco Miccolini's Testimony

  • Marco Miccolini was friends with the male neighbours who lived in the downstairs apartment.
  • Marco came to Perugia twice that year. Once for his birthday on October 28th and a second time but he does not remember why or when.
  • On October 28 he met Meredith in passing but just said hello and that was it.
  • He discussed Meredith with Giacomo Silenzi who told him they were seeing each other and that it was mostly a physical relationship.
  • Asked if he met any of the other girls he said that on a previous visit he had met them at a party in the downstairs apartment.
  • Asked if he has ever seen Knox and Meredith together he said no.
  • Asked if he was aware of any conflict between Knox and Meredith he said he was not privy to anything.
  • Asked about Rudy Guede he said that he had met Guede at the square where they played basketball but that he had never seen him at the boy's apartment.
  • Asked about Raffaele Sollecito he testified that he never met or saw Sollecito.

Marco Miccolini's Testimony

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