Marco Marzan's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Marco Marzan's Testimony

  • Lived downstairs with Giacomo Silenzi, Stefano Bonassi, and Riccardo Luciani. He is also a student studying Business Economics. He came to Perugia in 2004 or 2005.
  • Confirmed that Giacomo Silenzi was dating Meredith Kercher. The relationship had started two weeks prior to Meredith's death after a night out at Red Zone. Marzan testified that Silenzi had confided in him that the relationship was mostly a physical relationship.
  • Never saw any friction between the girls upstairs except for a fight over coffee.
  • Marzan also described that the cottage was in a bad area. When they moved in they found syringes from people doing drugs in the vicinity of the cottage and one time he found a drunk in the garden.
  • Marzen confirmed that the boys owned two cats and the black cat had a wound. He had previously told the police that the cat was not bleeding but now in court he said it might have been and that all he knew was that the ear had an injury.
  • Marzen also described how he found out about Meredith's death. Filomena called Giacomo while they were on the train back to Peurgia from Porto San Giorgio. They contacted their parents who came to Peurgia. On November 3rd they went past the cottage to see what it was like before going to the police station to answer questions. Marzan never returned to the cottage except to collect his stuff a month later.
  • Marzen was asked when he met Rudy Guede and he said he does not remember. That he and as well as Giacomo and Stefano would play basketball at the courts at Grimana and Guede was always there so soon after he moved into the cottage.
  • Marzen also recounted three incidents in October where he was out and Amanda Knox and Rudy Guede were also out. One was a night at Red Zone, the second was an outing to the center of Perugia, and the third was the F1 party that he and his roommates hosted.
  • Marzen was asked if he knew Raffaele Sollecito and he said no. The first time he saw Sollecito was November 3rd at the police station. Marzen also did not know any of Meredith's British friends.
  • Marzen was asked if he ever saw Amanda Knox in a red coat and said he had not.

Marco Marzan's Testimony

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