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Jovana Popovic was a Serbian medical student who was an acquaintance of Raffaele Sollecito but was not known to Amanda Knox. Popovic's mother, who lived in Milan, had made arrangements to send a suitcase of possessions to her, by coach, to arrive in Perugia at midnight on November 1, 2007. Popovic called at Sollecito's apartment, at around 5:45 pm that evening, to ask if he would drive her to the coach station, at midnight, to pick up the case. The door was answered by Knox, but Popovic was able to speak to Sollecito, who was also present at that time, and he agreed to help her.

Later that evening, Popovic's mother rang her to say that the coach driver had refused to take the suitcase, so it would not be arriving, after all. After finishing her classes at 8:20 pm Popovic walked back to Sollecito's apartment, arriving at about 8:40 pm, to tell him that his help would not now be needed. Again, Knox answered the door and explained that Sollecito was in the bathroom. Popovic explained the situation to Knox and then left.

Popovic's testimony to the Massei court thus gave independent evidence of the location of Knox and Sollecito at about 5:45 pm and again at about 8:40 pm, on the night of the murder.

Judge Massei, in his Motivations report noted that, with the news that Sollecito was no longer needed by Popovic, together with Knox not being required to work at Patrick Lumumba's pub, both were suddenly without commitments for the evening.[1]


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