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Summary of Hekuran Kokomani's Testimony

Herkuran Kokomani's testimony is difficult to follow. Kokomani is Albanian and despite having an interpreter insisted on testifying directly. This resulted in the process having to be halted several times to have the interpreter explain words to Kokomani and on many occasions Kokomani's answers do not address the question asked leading to the same question being asked multiple times. As a further hindrance to comprehension Kokomani is a scattered individual who is not very concerned about details. This is especially true with respect to time. Kokomani does not wear a watch and his concept of time is relational to other events or markers. Things happened after or before other things but that is the extent of Kokomani's relation to time.

  • Kokomani has been in Italy for 15-16 years. He works every day on a farm. Asked if he works even on holidays he says yes because the animals have to eat every day even on holidays.
  • Kokomani is asked to explain what he saw the night of the murder.
    • Kokomani was driving and 30-40 meters in front of his car he saw what he thought was a black garbage bag. He braked and managed to stop so that he only lightly bumped the bag. Before making contact with his car he realized the bag was moving and that it was actually two people.
    • Kokomani explains that it was a boy and a girl. He is asked to identify the people he saw and Kokomani identified Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito adding that Sollecito had much longer hair than he did that day in court.
    • Kokomani explains that an altercation occurs.
        • Kokomani punches Raffaele Sollecito making his glasses fall off.
      • Amanda Knox had a knife raised above her head with both hands. The blade was 30-40cms. Kokomani shows the court how she was handling the knife.
      • Kokomani throws some olives from a container he keeps in his car at Knox as well as a Nokia phone.
      • Kokomani drives away.
    • Traffic is always bad but it is worse this night because there was a car that needed assistance.
    • While held up by traffic Kokomani sees Rudy Guede who is behind the gate so you can only see his upper body.
      • Rudy asks to borrow Kokomani's car the next day. Offers €250 for use of the car.
      • Now Raffaele Sollecito had a knife. Not sure if the same knife but looked the same. Previously Kokomani had said that Sollecito's knife was smaller and wider. The transcript of that was read.
    • Kokomani leaves and goes to a bar. He tells people about the altercation and shows them the video he made with his phone but the people at the bar tell him to forget about it as it is just students so he does.
    • A few days later driving past the cottage Kokomani sees flowers. Asks at bar what happened at that house and learns of Meredith's murder. A few days later contacts his Albanian friend who is a lawyer.

Kokomani's testimony is too difficult to tackle linearly. Having summarized the direct testimony we'll deal with the rest of the testimony by topic.

Discussion with Rudy

During cross-examination more details of Kokomani's conversation with Rudy Guede were developed. Kokomani asked Rudy about the behaviour of the other two and Guede told Kokomani not to pay attention to them that they were just drunk. When asked about the knife Rudy said it was for a party at the cottage to cut the cake. Kokomani also told the court that Guede told the other two to leave Kokomani alone because he knew him. Kokomani explains that Guede had come to the farm he worked at once and that was the only time they met.Kokomani also testified that he heard a scream from the cottage but that Guede told him that was the music from the party.

The other significant element of Kokomani and Guede's interaction was Guede offering Kokomani €250 to borrow his car. According to Kokomani, Guede wanted the car for the following day to move some furniture from the cottage. Kokomani was not willing to lend Guede the car but agreed to help move the furniture. Guede wanted Kokomani to come the following night but Kokomani wanted to come during the day. The negotiations were interrupted by Kokomani having to leave quickly after seeing Sollecito in the side-view mirror coming with a knife.

Date Incident Happened

Kokomani is unable to give the exact date that he claims to have seen Knox, Sollecito, and Guede together. The only two things he is certain of is that it was raining and that it was the feast of the dead. That would make it the night of the murder but when asked for a date he can not give one. Kokomani also does not know what day of the year the feast of the dead falls on only that when he got to the bar that night he was told it was a night of celebration for the feast of the dead.

There is also inconsistencies in the time at which this happened. Originally Kokomani had said that it was at 6:30pm but then it was made clear that he meant the clock on his car dash said 6:30 but that the clock did not have the right time. Kokomani offers that it could have been 8:40pm or 9:30pm but both of these times are also based on references to unreliable markers. Judge Massei tries to walk Kokomani though a narrowing of the possible times by asking what show he watched on TV when he got home but Kokomani does not remember.

Amanda Knox's American Uncle

Kokomani had previously testified that he saw Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito at a cafe in the summer and at the same time he met Knox's American uncle. This is significant because Knox did not meet Sollecito until October and was not even in Italy in the summer. Kokomani testifies that he was mistaken in his previous statement that this incident happened in the summer. This incident happened after his trip to Albania and having checked his passport he was not in Perugia in the summer. Kokomani now testifies that this happened in late August or early September. Despite numerous attempts at being more specific Kokomani can only say that it happened after he returned from Albania. Kokomani makes repeated references to the stamp in his passport and seems to not understand that the question is how long after he returned to Italy. Even when the judge intervenes to ask how long after the date stamped in his passport did this happen Kokomani continues to reference the stamp and does not seem to understand the question.

Describing the incident Kokomani was sitting with two men when he claims that he saw Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito enter the cafe Fritz holding hands. He did not know either man he was sitting with but one announced that the girl entering the cafe was his niece and the boy her boyfriend. The man waved at the couple as did Kokomani. Kokomani does not remember if the couple waved back. The couple did not come to join the uncle or acknowledge him in anyway. When asked why Kokomani thought the man was American he responded that he was dressed like an American. Kokomani was asked if the man spoke English and he said no he spoke Italian. Further questioning reveals that the man never identified himself as American and that Kokomani assumed that he was American completely based on his clothing.


Threats against Kokomani were also discussed. The original incident happened before Kokomani's name was public and it is confirmed by his lawyer who also independently heard that an Albanian had seen the whole thing and someone was offering €100,000 for the name of this witness or to have him not testify. After Kokomani's name was public he received threats that telling him not to testify. His wife in Albania also received threats.

Media Appearances

Kokomani was asked about a €10,000 offer from Porta a Porta to do an interview. Kokomani testified that he turned down the offer. Kokomani does admit to doing an interview for Channel 5 but testifies that he was not paid. The defense lawyer insinuates that it is hard to believe he turned down the money but was willing to do the other interview for free.

Hekuran Kokomani's Testimony

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