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Summary of Francesco Sollecito's Testimony

  • Raffaele Sollecito's father is not required to testify but after being informed of this right states he wants to.
  • Gives background information. Francesco is a surgeon and urologist. Raffaele has a sister. Raffaele's mother died June 20, 2005 and three months later Francesco married his current wife on September 6 2005.
  • Raffaele came to Perugia in 2002 to study. Raffaele wanted greater autonomy and there was a college in Perugia that gave favourable treatment to the children of doctors. Raffaele graduated in 2008 while in prison.
  • Francesco called Raffaele several times a day. Raffaele had told him about Amanda Knox. Francesco recounted a touching story Raffaele had told him about the couple washing each other's hair. Asked if Raffaele had ever discussed any other girls like this Francesco said no. Raffaele did date a girl from Brindisi but it was not like this.
  • A call from Francesco to Raffaele at 8:42pm the night of the murder takes up a lot of the testimony. Francesco explains that he called Raffaele after watching a movie and that Raffaele was with Amanda Knox. During the conversation Raffaele told his father that they were planning a trip to Gubbio the next day. Francesco stated that they did not discuss any plans for that night. Late in the testimony they return to this call and Francesco adds that Raffaele was washing the dishes and had hold him that the sink was leaking. Judge Massei asked Francesco why he had previously said that he did not know where Raffaele was and now he was washing dishes? Francesco explained that he had previously said that because he was calling from a mobile phone to a mobile phone so Raffaele could be anywhere but Raffaele was definitely at home washing dishes. Cellphone records do place Raffaele at or near his apartment when this call took place.
  • Francesco sent Raffaele a text message at 12:10am. Francesco thinks he sent it before midnight but that is what his phone records show. The message was not received by Raffaele's phone until 6:02am.
  • Francesco also testified about a 9:20am call the following morning. Francesco testified that on a day where Raffaele did not have to attend classes he would normally not have called so early but since they had a trip to Gubbio planned he expected Raffaele up. Raffaele was still sleeping so the call was very short. Francesco did not ask if Amanda Knox was there.
  • Francesco called Raffaele again at 12:15pm. At this point Raffaele informed him that the window at Amanda Knox's house was broken and Francesco advised Raffaele to call his sister who at the time was a police officer.
  • Francesco was asked about Raffaele's love of knives and denied that his son likes knives. He claims Raffaele carries a knife at all times out of habit from living in the country. This contradicts the testimony of several police officers who testified that Raffaele told them he loved knives as well as the testimony of Raffaele himself at his preliminary hearing.[1] Francesco did testify that he had warned his son to stop carrying the knives. Asked how many knives Raffaele had Francesco could not answer.[2]
  • Francesco was asked about Raffaele's financial condition and he reported that his son was wealthy. Raffaele had inherited properties because of his mother's death and they provided an income. This inheritance was managed and controlled by Francesco.
  • Francesco was asked about drugs and admitted to knowledge of Raffaele being in trouble at 17 for drugs.
  • Francesco said that Raffaele had never mentioned Rudy Guede.
  • Francesco starts discussing the forensic collection videos and how he claims that the videos show that a search happened off camera.
  • Francesco claims that Raffaele was arrested only because his shoes had circles like the bloody footprints but that even just counting Raffaele's shoes only had 7 circles while the prints had 11 circles. On cross-examination admits that beyond the shoes his son was also carrying two knives that were confiscated. Even without the shoes Raffaele would likely have been arrested because he told police that he had lied at the request of Amanda Knox and changed his story of what happened the night of the murder.[3]
  • Francesco was also asked about the plumbing situation and repeated a version of events similar to Raffaele's landlady.[4] Raffaele had no hot water so he called a plumber. The plumber charged Raffaele €200 for a new faucet but that did not fix the problem. Raffaele then called his landlady who called out her own plumber. The issue according to both Francesco and the landlady was a lack of hot water. The leaking sink only materialized according to Francesco the night of the murder while his son was on the phone with him. Like the landlady Francesco is not certain of when the hot water problem happened. He feels it was a few days before the murder.

Francesco Sollecito's Testimony

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