Filomena Romanelli

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Filomena Romanelli was one of the two Italian women who shared the upstairs flat, at 7 Via della Pergola, with Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher. She had been living there since August, 2007. The four women each had their own bedrooms and Filomena shared the larger bathroom with the fourth flatmate, Laura Mezzetti. She was responsible for collecting the monthly rent from each of the flatmates and paying the landlady. At the time of the murder, she was working as a trainee lawyer, in Perugia.

In the weeks before the murder, she had lent Meredith her mobile phone, and this was one of the phones found, abandoned, on the morning after the murder, prompting the Postal Police to visit the cottage.

The day of the murder, (November 1 2007) she left the house and, with her then fiancé, Marco Zaroli, spent the evening with Luca Altieri, who was celebrating his birthday. She spent the night with her boyfriend Marco Zaroli and, the next day, set off in his car to collect her friend, Paola Grande, who was at the house of Luca Altieri, and with whom she intended to go to the area of Pian di Massiano where the Fair of the Dead was being held. Around midday, when they had not yet arrived at the Fair, she received a phone call from Amanda, letting her know that something strange had happened. Amanda said she had arrived at the cottage and had found the door open: she had had a shower and it had seemed to her that there was some blood; moreover she said that she was going to Raffaele’s place. To Filomena’s question about where Meredith was, Amanda had answered that she did not know.

Filomena, disturbed by this phone call, had rung Amanda back without receiving a reply and when, a little later, she had succeeded in speaking to Amanda, Amanda had told her that in Filomena's room the windowpane was broken, everything was in a mess, and that she should come back home. At this point she was extremely concerned; she had rung her fiancé, Marco Zaroli, reporting to him what Amanda had told her and asking him to go to the house in Via della Pergola to see what had happened. Marco Zaroli had called his friend Luca Altieri and they had gone together to the house in Via della Pergola, where they arrived around 1:00 pm, at almost the same time as Filomena Romanelli and Paola Grande. Knox and Sollecito were already present. Filomena, her friend Paola Grande and their boyfriends, Marco Zaroli and Luca Altieri were all present when Meredith's bedroom door was forced and her lifeless body was found.

Filomena Romanelli gave evidence to the Massei court: see Filomena Romanelli's Testimony.