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The sources for the documents and files posted in this file library are the original case trial documents. The Wiki team made requests to the relevant judicial authorities in charge of granting access to the trial documents and this access was granted.

Anyone can request access to the case trial documents. Once a trial is complete, the trial documents become public record. A judge decides whether to grant access based on the nature of the request.

The trial documents were at different locations, managed by different judicial authorities. There were four main sources: the trial documents for the Knox and Sollecito trials; the trial documents for Guede's trial; the "prosecutor's files" for Guede; the "prosecutor's files" for Knox and Sollecito.

Normally, the "prosecutor's files" are not available to the public. But in the case of fast track trials, such as the route Guede took, the "prosecutor's files" are also made publicly available.

Many months were spent reviewing the documents in the hundreds of folders available. Thousands of documents and discs were reviewed, photographed, scanned and/or copied. In addition to documents and discs, there were also evidence-related items, like the rock, the computers, hard drives, books, diaries, etc. With the exception of the rock, there were no evidence items related to DNA testing.

We also checked with the different police entities involved in the investigations. But in Italy, the police cannot grant public access to their records.

Below are some photos to give a general idea of what we spent time reviewing, selecting, scanning to PDF or other formats and posting.

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