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Audio files

Court hearings

File library: Court audios


File library: Interrogation audios


File library: Intercept audios


Court testimony

Court testimony from all the various proceedings.
File library: Court testimony

Court motivation reports

Motivation reports the detail the court's reasonings for their sentence. In Italy, all courts are required to provide reasons for the rulings. This page also includes court ordinances and sentences.
File library: Court motivation reports

Depositions and interrogations

Witness statements and defendant interrogations. Most of these were obtained during the investigation phase, but some of these were obtained during the trial phases.
File library: Depositions and interrogations


Transcripts of phone, prison and police room intercepts.
File library: Intercepts


Scientific police surveys of the crime scene and other places related to the crime, like the defandants' apartments, Sollecito's car, exhibits, etc.
File library: Surveys


Police and consultant reports produced during the investigation and trial phases.
File library: Reports


Police and consultant presentations produced during the trial phases.
File library: Presentations

Charts and maps

Defendant charts, evidence charts, cottage plan, cell phone coverage maps.
File library: Charts and maps


Phone call logs, some computer-related logs, bank statements and similar.
File library: Logs

Police documents

Police notices, investigation notes, transmittals, requests and brief reports. Theis page includes the Perugia police and other police branches, like the Postal Police, the Carabinieri and the Rome Scientific Police.
File library: Police documents

Prosecutor documents

Prosecutor notices during the investigation and trial phases, including notes, transmittals, requests, case summaries and notes for closing arguments during trial.
File library: Prosecutor documents

Prison documents

Documents issued by prison staff, including transmittals, prisoner requests and notes on activities.
File library: Prison documents

Court documents

Documents by judges, court clerks and court directors during the investigation and trial phases, including transmittals, notes and requests.
File library: Court documents

Consultant documents

Requests and notes issued by consultants (court, prosecutor or defense) that are not reports. Includes requests for info or additional time to complete reports.
File library: Consultant documents

Lawyer documents

Documents by lawyers, including requests for information, requests on behalf of defandants, requests for hearings, nominating consultants and substitutes, transmittals, trial motions and trial submittals.
File library: Lawyer documents

Lawsuits and Appeals

Lawsuits and appeals made by the various defense teams during the different court proceedings. Some documents are for court proceedings peripheral to the murder case.
File library: Lawsuits and appeals


Diaries and letters made by the three defendants prior to and during their arrest and imprisonment.
File library: Writings


Letters and other correspondence pertinent to the murder case.
File library: Correspondence

Articles and interviews

News articles, technical articles and interview transcripts.
File library: Articles and interviews

Manuals and miscellaneous

Forensic equipment manuals and other miscellaneous documents.
File library: Manuals and miscellaneous

Images and graphics


Crime scene photos

Photos of the crime scene at the cottage and other places.
File library: Crime scene photos

Crime exhibits

Photos of sequestered exhibits, in particular the knives collected by police.
File library: Exhibit photos

Graphic files


File library: Party photos

Perugia and context

Powerpoint files



File library: CCTV videos

Crime scene videos

File library: Crime scene videos

Intercepted conversations

File library: Intercepted prison videos


File library: Interview videos

Consultant presentations

File library: Consultant presentation videos

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