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Police investigations

Before the murder

File library: Before 2007-11-02

November 2 2007

Discovery of the murder.
File library: 2007-11-02

November 3 2007

File library: 2007-11-03

November 4 2007

File library: 2007-11-04

November 5 2007

File library: 2007-11-05

November 6 2007

The day Knox, Lumumba and Sollecito were arrested. See below for files directly related to their arrest.
File library: 2007-11-06

November 7 2007

File library: 2007-11-07

November 8-15 2007

File library: 2007-11-08-15

November 16-30 2007

File library: 2007-11-16-30

December 2007

File library: 2007-12

January to March 2008

File library: 2008-01-to-03

April to June 2008

Police investigations concluded in June 2008.
File library: 2008-04-to-06


Knox Lumumba Sollecito arrest

File library: KLS Arrest

Guede search extradition and arrest

File library: Guede Arrest

Arrest trials

All the arrest trial proceedings from first hearings to Cassaziones.
File library: Arrest trials

Evidentiary hearings

All the evidentiary hearings and additional work done by Judge Claudia Matteini.
File library: 2007-2008 Evidentiary hearings

Main trials

July to September 2008

Legal activity spanning the completion of investigations to the first preliminary court hearing. Includes prosecutor sending case to trial and other court and lawyer documents related to preparing for the first main trial hearings.
File library: 2008-07-to-09

Micheli trial

The first court proceedings in September and October 2008. Judge Paolo Micheli presided over the preliminary hearing for Knox and Sollecito to determine whether they should stand trial. Judge Paolo Micheli also presided over Rudy Guede's main trial, since Guede asked for a fast-track process, which reduces the court's and defense's scope. Both proceedings were handled simultaneously.
File library: 2008-Micheli

Massei-Cristiani trial

Knox and Sollecito's main trial in 2009, presided by Judges Massei and Christiani.
File library: 2009-Massei-Cristiani

Borsini-Belardi trial

Guede's appeal trial in 2009, presided by Judges Borsini and Belardi.
File library: 2009-Borsini-Belardi

Giordano-Iannelli trial

Guede's Cassazione trial in 2010, presided by Judges Giordano and Iannelli.
File library: 2010-Giordano-Iannelli

Hellmann-Zanetti trial

Knox and Sollecito's first appeal trial in 2010-2011, presided by Judges Hellmann and Zanetti.
File library: 2010-Hellmann-Zanetti

Chieffi-Vecchio trial

Knox and Sollecito's first Cassazione trial in 2013, presided by Judges Chieffi and Vecchio.
File library: 2013-Chieffi-Vecchio

Nencini-Cicerchia trial

Knox and Sollecito's second appeal trial in 2013-2014, presided by Judges Nencini and Cicerchia.
File library: 2013-Nencini-Cicerchia

Marasca-Bruno trial

Knox and Sollecito's second Cassazione trial in 2015, presided by Judges Marasca and Bruno.
File library: 2015-Marasca-Bruno

Other cases

Trials peripheral to the murder case.
File library: Other-trials

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