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Since many of these videos are quite large (over 1 GB) , we recommend right clicking on the file link to download ("Save Link as") the video, and then using VLC media player or similar to view the videos.

Note: The police crime scene videos are copied from discs available in the case documentation. The discs are copies provided by the police and are found in VOB format. We have converted them to MP4 format for public distribution. The VOB format is not the original video format and the video discs were likely created by police staff, using MOV or AVI films downloaded off of their cameras. The videos are compilations of short video segments, as can be seen from the time indicated in the video itself.


Please note that the cottage videos contain graphic material- extensive blood stains in Meredith's bedroom.

November 2007

This video is the first crime scene video taken soon after the discovery of the murder. The video is taken over the course of two days. We have censored Ms. Kercher, the victim, wherever present. In some cases the censoring occupies the whole screen. In those segments we've added some titles and a time indicator to provide some explanation of what is happening. This video contains sound.

December 2007

These videos are of a second police visit to the cottage, accompanied by the defense teams and consultants. The Rome Scientific Police provided these videos without sound.

April 2009

This video was taken by police or court consultant during the first instance trial court visit to the cottage in April 2009.

Apartment- Sollecito


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