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2007 Police crime scene photos and video

This section contains police photos and videos of: the crime scene as it was found at cottage and documented on November 2 and 3, 2007, including cottage interior and exterior; a second visit to the cottage by the Rome scientific police on December 18th, 2007; a November 2007 visit to Raffaele Sollecito's apartment; related video captures photos and documents.

File library: 2007 Investigations: Crime scene

2007 Police work

This section includes police data, analyses and reports related to: Perugia police phone intercepts in 2007; Perugia police prison conversation intercepts in 2007; Perugia police depositions, witness statements and other documents released in 2007; any Rome Scientific police preliminary notices and reports from 2007.

File library: 2007 Investigations: Police work

2007 Arrests

This section contains documents related to the 2007 arrests of Guede, Knox, Lumumba and Sollecito. It includes: Perugia police sequester notices; additional Perugia police notices and documents; Perugia Prosecutor notices and documents.

File library: 2007 Investigations: Arrests

2007 Miscellaneous

Extra files related to 2007 investigations

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