Fabrizio Angelucci's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Fabrizio Angelucci's Testimony

  • Owned and operated a laundry and dry cleaner 30 meters from Raffaele Sollecito's home.
  • Raffaele Sollecito was a customer at Angelucci's business.
  • Angelucci testified that Sollecito came to his business either Friday November 2 or Monday November 5 with a Paul Gaultier shirt that was described as brown with white striped and geometric designs in a predominance of different colors.
    • Sollecito requested rush service. This was the only time Sollecito requested rush service.
    • Angelucci testified that the shirt was made of synthetic material and so he could tell it had already been washed in water.
    • Sollecito requested his change in particular denominations because he needed to pay someone later.
      • Angelucci saw Sollecito with a Latin or Peruvian women that he believed was Sollecito's cleaning lady. (this would make the day Monday November 5th as that was the day the cleaning lady came to Sollecito's apartment.)
    • The defense suggested that the shirt was for Sollecito's graduation.
  • Angelucci also testified that after the murder he had heard from Patrick that a drug addict had found a bloody knife in the garbage bins in Piazza Grimana.

Fabrizio Angelucci's Testimony

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