Fabio Marsi's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Fabio Marsi's Testimony

  • An officer of the Postal Police was sent with Inspector Battistelli to #7 Via della Pergola on November 2 because of a mobile phone that was found at a home that was the victim of a bomb hoax the previous night. Asked what time they left the office, Marsi responded that it was noon.
  • Asked if they brought the phone Marsi said no. The phone was left at the Postal Police office.
  • At first they could not find Via della Pergola #7 but eventually Battistelli got out and on foot was able to locate the address. Marsi drove the car and parked it in the driveway of the cottage on the left.
  • Marsi estimated that it took 30 minutes to arrive at the cottage.
  • By the time Marsi approached Battistelli was already talking to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and they were about to go inside.
  • Asked about the shutters Marsi said they were ajar.
  • Marsi described Knox as wearing light clothing for the weather.
  • Knox and Sollecito said they were waiting for the Carabinieri because they had arrived to find the door open and traces of blood. Asked if the quantity of blood was alarming, Marsi responded that at the time he looked at the bathroom it was not.
  • Marsi went with Knox to look at the blood in the small bathroom. There was blood in the sink and the bathmat. Marsi estimates that he spent 5 minutes looking at the small bathroom with Knox before joining Battistelli in looking at Filomena's room which he did not enter but observed from the hallway.
    • Sollecito told Marsi that they entered though the window but that strangely they did not take anything.
    • Marsi saw that the room was a mess and that there was a roughly 20cm stone in the room.
    • Marsi noticed that the glass from the broken window was on top of the clothing.
    • Marsi noted that there was a laptop and digital camera in plain sight.
    • Inspector Battistelli told Sollecito that he did not believe this was a real burglary.
  • Marsi estimates that he was at the cottage for 20 minutes before Filomena, Paola, Luca, and Marco arrived. He estimates their arrival at 12:50pm and claims that all four arrived together.
    • Filomena Romanelli, who Marsi and Battistelli had come looking for as the owner of the mobile phone, explained that while the phone was registered to her, it was in use by another roommate, Meredith Kercher. Filomena added that it was strange for Meredith to be separated from her phones because of her mother's health.
  • Marsi is asked about the number of times their supervisor Bartolozzi spoke with them. Marsi only remembers twice. The first time was before the the door was forced open to report the burglary and the second time was after the body had been discovered.
  • Asked if he saw Sollecito make any phone calls Marsi said that he did not.
  • Asked if either Sollecito or Knox mentioned Meradith's locked door, Marsi said that he did not remember if they mentioned it.
  • When the decision to force open the door was made, everyone was in the hallway except for Knox and Sollecito. Marsi does not know where Sollecito was, but Knox was by the main entrance.
  • Once the door was forced open and they realized it was a body, everyone was quickly ushered outside.
  • The Central Office of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri called Amanda Knox's mobile phone that was passed to Marsi. The Carabinieri had a patrol that was looking for the address. Marsi told the caller (Daniele Ceppitelli) that a body had been discovered.
    • Asked when did the Carabinieri arrive, Marsi originally said a few minutes after the 112 operator called for directions. Asked to estimate the time, Marsi said 1:05pm, which was before the body was discovered. Asked to clarify if it was before or after the discovery of the body, Marsi said after by about 10 minutes.
  • Marsi spent the later part of the evening investigating the area where Meredith's mobile phones were discovered.

Fabio Marsi's Testimony

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