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English summary of report

This is the report by Marco Angelucci of the Incotec group who was engaged by Amanda Knox's lawyer, Carlo Dalla Vedova, to conduct a forensic examination of her laptop computer and, in particular, the contents of its hard disk. The report mainly concerns Knox's Toshiba Satellite M55 laptop, but also mentions examination of two other computer, one belonging to Raffaele Sollecito and, the other, an Apple laptop, belonging to Meredith Kercher. The computers had previously been analysed by the Perugian Communications Police and were currently in the custody of Professor Massimo Bernaschi.

Bernacschi had received the three computers from the Communications Police who had, by this stage, removed the hard disk units from the computers. Bernschi had determined that the logic boards of all three were non-functional and had replaced them with new boards. He was then partially successful in recovering data from Knox's disk but, in the case of the other two, determined that there were further problems on the mechanical side or in the internal parts that support the positioning of the heads and reading/writing.

Next, all three disks were sent to the Krollontrak company, to attempt data recovery. They successfully recovered the contents of Sollecito’s and Meredith’s Apple disks, but could not recover data from Knox’s disk, due to a high error rate possibly attributable to platter-surface damage from a head crash.

A second company, Field Associates Limited was then engaged to attempt data recovery on Knox's disk. Following a failed attempt, they tried substituting new read-write heads and undertook work focussed on the microchip but, again with no success.

A third company, CBL Data Recovery Tech was engaged and also failed to recover any data from Knox's disk.

Angelucci finds it extraordinary that three disks have been damaged in a similar way, probably due to some incorrect voltages having been applied to their connectors. Nevertheless, he found no evidence of physical tampering with the disks and no indication that the damage was deliberate.

Original report in Italian

This is the Italian original of the report. See Defence Computer Expert Report (English) for an English translation.