Daniele Ceppitelli's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Daniele Ceppitelli's Testimony

  • Employed by the Central Office of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Perugia which handles calls to the Italian emergency number 112.
  • November 2 2007 was working the 1pm to 7pm shift with a second operator Marco Pascolini. The job requires that you be ready to start at exactly when your shift begins so Ceppitelli had arrived ten minutes early.

The 112 Calls

  • Received two phone calls from 7 Via della Pergola one at 12:51pm and the second at 12:54pm.

12:51pm 112 Call

Listen to the audio recording of the 12:51pm 112 call

Translated content of 12:51pm 112 Call

  • A man (Raffaele Sollecito) said someone had entered a property by breaking a window and that contents were in a mess. Ceppitelli asked for the full name and phone number. The man on the phone said he did not live at the property so gave him the name Amanda Knox and her phone number.
  • Ceppitelli asked Sollecito if anything had been taken and Sollecito said no.
  • The first 112 call is played for Ceppitelli to identify it and he does.
  • In recording Sollecito mentions that there are blood stains in the bathroom.
  • Ceppitelli asks "So they entered...because the window's broken... did they cut themselves breaking the window?" to which you hear Sollecito say "Ehmm.. this..." then the line goes dead.
  • Asked why the call went dead Ceppitelli said he did not believe it was because of his device implying that Sollecito ended the call. On cross-examination Rocchi attempts to challenge the claim that it was Sollecito who terminated the call and implies it was Ceppitelli who did it my mistake.

12:54pm 112 Call

Listen to the audio recording of the 12:54pm 112 call

Translated content of 12:54pm 112 Call

  • Ceppitelli again asks is anything was taken and Sollecito responds that nothing was taken.
  • Sollecito mentions Meredith's locked door.
  • Ceppitelli asks if there are blood stains on the locked door and Sollecito says no the blood stains are in the bathroom.
  • Cappitelli asked Sollecito if they had tried to contact Meredith and Sollecito said yes but that they were unable to.
  • Cappitelli informed Sollecito that he would send a patrol car.
  • The 12:54pm 112 call is played for Cappitelli to authenticate it and he does.

The CarabinieriResponce

  • Ceppitelli tried to contact the Carabinieri patrol car but there was issues with the radio. This is a common problem. He was able to contact them at 1:07pm and this time is recorded by the CC112 system so is exact.
  • At 12:26pm the patrol car calls back saying that despite being on Via della Pergola they cannot locate #7
  • Ceppitelli calls Amanda Knox's mobile phone to get directions. He is informed that the police are already there and the phone is given to an officer of the Postal Police who speaks with Ceppitelli.
  • The Postal Police informs Ceppitelli that the lifeless body of a girl has been discovered. Brusco on cross-examination asks for more details of this conversation but Ceppitelli cannot provide them. The conversation was recorded and the court orders that the recording be made available to Brusco.
  • Ceppitelli calls the patrol car at 1:35pm but is informed that they no longer need directions as they had found the cottage on their own after they noticed a commotion of people. The patrol car already knows about the body that was discovered.

Daniele Ceppitelli's Testimony

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