Carmela Occhipinti's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Carmela Occhipinti's Testimony

  • Was in Perugia on vacation. Had just had dinner when her car broke down outside of the Viale Sant’Antonio parking lot.
  • Testified that they were stuck waiting for a tow truck for 30-45 minutes the first time asked. Estimated the time as 30-40 minutes the second time asked.
  • Did not know the exact time but believed that it was around 10:30 pm
  • The car was positioned facing away from the cottage. Carmela's friends were in their own car parked behind the immobile vehicle.
  • Asked what she saw, she testified that there were people around but that she didn't notice anything in particular.
  • Asked about the cottage, she testified that she was not even aware that the cottage was there. She did notice the gate to the cottage, but not the building itself. The cottage was not in her line of sight, and she had to turn left to see the gate.
  • Asked if she heard a scream she said no, but that the windows were up.
  • Asked for greater details about the street activities and specifically if she witnessed a cat hit people or any objects, Carmela said she did not see anything like that. Asked again if she saw a dark car, she responded that she did not remember a black car. Asked if there was a car parked at the gate, she responded that she did not see a car parked at the gate but also that she was not really paying attention.

Carmela Occhipinti's Testimony

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