Anna Aprile's Testimony (English)

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Summary of Anna Aprile's Testimony

  • Medical expert assigned to assess if Meredith Kercher was sexually assaulted.
  • Meredith Kercher was sexually active shortly before she died.
  • Swabs taken from the vagina and anus were negative for the presence of sperm but the DNA of Rudy Guede was discovered on one of the swabs from the vagina.
    • The lack of sperm suggests that DNA was from saliva, epithelial cells from the hand, or penile penetration without ejaculation.
  • Sexual activity exerted on a women against her will in the majority of cases does not give rise to any specific injury on the genitals.
  • Meredith had what appeared to be a discoloration of the vaginal wall at seven and five o'clock in the photographs. When the tissue was examined the discolouration was no longer visible because the tissue had been immersed in formalin and taken on a uniform greyish color.
    • A 4 micron sample was taken and a lack of red blood cells indicated that the discolouration was not bruising.
  • Carlo Dalla Vedova for Amanda Knox asked if the presence of a pillow positioned to facilitate sexual activity was a sign of consent. Aprile responded by taking offense to the question explaining that a scenario where a girl at the threat of a knife is forced to strip down and position the pillow is certainly possible and that these types of questions are not of a medical nature to which she was asked to consult.
  • Judge Massei asked about the bruising on Meredith's thighs and lower limbs. Aprile responded that bruising of the thighs is often found when sexual activity that is exercised against the girl's will. In addition busing such as Meredith had around the mouth is also common as rapists attempt to prevent the victim from screaming.
  • Judge Massei asked about the cutting of the bra. Aprile responded that she was not asked to look at the clothing so could only answer in the general sense. In the general sense in acts of sexual violence the garments are often torn.

Anna Aprile's Testimony

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