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Raffaele Sollecito was called to the police station on Nov 5th 2007 to clear up some inconsistencies in his original statement. He told the police that he would come after dinner and arrived at the police station a little past 10pm.

Amanda Knox was not requested nor was she expected by the police. She nevertheless accompanied Sollecito and was waiting for him in the waiting room.

Sollecito quickly implicated Amanda Knox in the murder. He told police that he had lied in his original statement at the request of Amanda Knox and the truth was that he was home alone the night Meredith was murdered. Knox had left his apartment around 9pm and had not returned until 1am.

Because Amanda was at the police station, the police took advantage of the situation to question her now that Sollecito was no longer supporting her alibi. Knox, confronted with the news of Sollecito's statements, quickly changed her own story and placed herself at the crime scene and named an innocent man as the murderer.

The first two statements given by Amanda Knox were ruled inadmissible in her murder trial. The statements were allowed in Knox's trial for falsely accusing Patrick. The Court's reasoning in ruling the statements inadmissible at the murder trial is based on the police knowing the content of Sollecito's statement should have treated Knox as a serious suspect and required that she have a lawyer present. The claim that she was a witness and possible person of interest was not accepted since Sollecito had already told the police that he lied at the request of Knox and that Knox was not with him the night of the murder meaning that the police knew that Knox was lying to them about her actions on the night of the murder.

After Knox was formally declared a suspect and arrested, she requested pen and paper and in her own handwriting wrote a note to the investigator which contained much of the same content as the statements that were excluded. The defence attempted to have this note excluded but since Knox chose to write it without anyone requesting that she do so and after she had been informed of all her rights, the note was allowed as evidence.

Amanda Knox Statement 1:45am English

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Amanda Knox Statement 1:45am Italian

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Amanda Knox Statement 5:45am English

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Amanda Knox Statement 5:45am Italian

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Amanda Knox's Handwritten Note

The handwritten note has its own section. Please read Amanda Knox's handwritten statement to police (Nov 6, 2007)