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Journalist Andrea Vogt has released two handwritten letters from her own case files that Amanda Knox wrote to her lawyers from jail.[1] In scanning the letters, she seems to have put the sequence of sheets together incorrectly: in the transcripts below, we have tried to put them in a more logical sequence. However, readers are recommended to read Vogt's scans and decide for themselves.


Amanda Knox's first letter of Nov 9, 2007

The first letter was written around noon on Friday, Nov., 9, just days after her arrest. A pdf of the scanned letter is available here. The following is a transcript. Words that are missing from the scan are shown in square brackets.

Per I Miei Avvocati
- Amanda Knox (Friday, Nov. 9, 2007)
Buon giorno Signore Ghirga e Signore Vedova. I'm sorry, but I must write in english to make sure I express myself [cl]early. Please excuse my handicap. I trust you are well, though probably very busy with my case and for this I thank you. What [I] want to provide for you now is help, because I know my position [is] a little confusing. I want to write for you everything I know as best I can and I especially want to tell you about this so-called "confession" that the police received from me. I want to begin with this "confession" because I know it is the most confusing, and so I will begin with that night.
The night of Monday, November 5th, 2007, and the following early morning of Tuesday, November 6th, 2007, was one of the worst experiences of my life, perhaps the worst. Around 10:30pm or 11pm Raffaele and I arrived at the police station after eating dinner at the apartment of one of Raffaele's friends. It was Raffaele who the police called, not me, but I came with him to the Questura anyway while he was to be questioned for support, as he had done for me many times. When we arrived he was taken inside and I waited by the elevator and looked through my books while I waited. Not long aftwerward one of the police came and sat by me, wanting to talk with me, supposedly to pass the time. He didn't tell me he was a police officer. In fact, he said I could tell him whatever I wanted because it wouldn't matter. At the time I was frustrated and told him so. I thought it was ridiculaous that the police called us in at ridiculous hours of the night and kept us at the police station for hours on end with only vending maschine [sic] food to sustain us, especially since we [wer]e all doing our best to help the police. I had been asked twice to reenter the home of my neighbors and mine, first to witness the blood in the neighbors' apartment and then to look through [k]nives in mine. I really feared the place. Inside my own home I broke down crying because I couldn't stand to be inside. These were the reasons for my frustration and I told him so.
He then wanted to discuss who I thought the murderer could be, but as I had already told them before, since I wasn't there at my home, I couldn't have any idea, but [deleted words] he wasn't satisfied with my answer. Who did I think it was? How would I know? I didn't know anyone dangerous. Soon I was joined by other police people who only wanted to "talk" but who interrogated me again with the same questions. What males had ever been in my house? Who knew Meredith? Did I have any phone numbers? I gave them all the information I could. Names, phone numbers, descriptions. But it was all giving me a headache. I had already answered these questions before and I was confused as to why the police wanted so much to talk to me. Why me? Why did they keep asking me who I thought the murderer was when I already told them I had no idea?
And then they brought me inside, because it was "warmer". I [asked] where Raffaele was and they told me he would be done soon [but] in the meantime they wanted to talk to me. The interrogation process started rather quickley [sic]. One minute I was just [tal?]king and the next they were asking me where I was between [?]:30pm and 1:30am between November [1st] and 2nd. I told them I was with my boyfriend, like I had already said. They asked me what I had done during this time period and I found that I couldn't remember a lot. I told them [we] watched the movie Amelie together, that we ate dinner [tog]ether, that after dinner Raffaele washed the dishes and spilled water on the floor when the pipes came loose. I told them that [we] smoked hash somewhere in that time but I couldn't remember [mo]re. They told me I was lying. They told me they knew I had [not] been with Raffaele. They told me they knew I met someone that night. They told me they had proof I was at my house that night. This really confused me. I told them I wasn't lying and [the]y began to get angry. Stop telling lies, they told me. We know [you] were there! But this didn't make sense. I was frightened, because I couldn't for the life of me remember what I did during the time [the]y were asking me. What were you doing?! Where did you go?! We [kno]w you were at your house!! Who did you meet?! But this all [did]n't make any sense. How could they have proof that I was at my [hou]se when I wasn't? Why did they think these things? Why me? They told me Raffaele had finally told the truth and that he had no [rea]son to lie. They told me that they knew I had told Raffaele to [lie?] and I told them this wasn't true. I had never told him any [suc]h thing. We talked about the message I received from Patrik [and] I told them yes, I received a message from Patrik, he told me [not] to go into work that night because there was no one there. I [did]n't remember if I had sent a message back, so I said no, but they [had] taken my phone and showed me the message I forgot I sent: [ending?] with the words, "Ci vediamo. Buona serata." They called me a [stu]pid lier. They said I was protecting someone, who was it?! [The]y stuck pieces of paper in front of me, to write down the name [of] the murder, but I didn't know. And I still couldn't remember [wha]t me and Raffaele had been doing at his house. I had nothing to [say?] to answer their questions and it was terrifying me. Why couldn't [I r]emember. The interpretor told me that one time she experienced [a ho]rrible car accident and couldn't remember what had happened [unt]il a year later. She told me perhaps I had seen something [horr]ible and I couldn't remember. Since I couldn't remember [wha]t I had been doing at Raffaele's house I started to think what [...?] was true? What if I had seen something and I didn't [rem]ember? But it didn't make sense. I remembered being [at] Raffaele's the whole night. But in the meantime the police were [...?] or they were going to put me in jail for [...?] [p]rotecting the killer. They told me they had already caught the killer [a]nd they just wanted me to say his name, but I knew nothing. My [m]ind was a blank slate. Now, now, now!!! They were yelling at me. One [p]olice officer hit me on the back of my head twice. My head was [s]earching for any answer. I was really confused. I thought I was at my boyfriend's house, but what if it wasn't true? What if I couldn't remember? I tried and tried and tried, but I couldn't remember anything until all of the police officers left the room except one. He [to]ld me he was the only one who could save me from spending the [n]ext 30 years in jail and I told him I couldn't remember. I asked to see the message on my phone to see if I remembered sending that [an]d when I saw the message my mind thought of Patrik. It was all I could think of, Patrik. I imagined meeting him by the basketball [cou]rts, I imagined him in front of my house, I imagined covering my ears to stop the sound of Meredith's screaming, and so I said [Pa]trik. I said Patrik and I regret every second of it because now I [k]now that what I have said has done someone harm that I have no idea whether he was involved or not.
After I said his name I was hysterical. I was weeping, [s]cared of what could have happened to me. I honestly thought [t]his could have been the answer. I was so confused. They told me that they had to write all of this down but I told them I wasn't [s]ure. So they told me just to say what I had said, that I had seen [Pat]rik. That I had heard Meredith screaming. I told them I was [c]onfused, unsure, but they weren't interested. While they were writing my so-called "confession", which the didn't call it [t]o me, they asked me to say if it was okay to write certain things. I [d]dn't explain, but just said yes or no according to what these [im]ages of Patrik were showing me, but I always told them I wasn't [su]re, these things didn't seem real. They asked me why he had done [thi]s and I didn't know why. Why would anyone kill another person? [I] told them he must be crazy. They asked me if I feared him and I [sa]id yes. I was so confused and the idea that he would kill someone [fr]ightened me. But I had never been frightened of him before, he has [al]ways been kind to me. After all of this I was allowed to sleep, [fi]nally. The whole thing was going through my head and I felt [aw]ful, to even think I could have been involved. But the more [confu]sed I became, the more sure I was that these ideas about Patrik [w]eren't true, but I still couldn't remember what I had been [do]ing at my boyfriend's house after dinner.
I seriously started to doubt when the police told me what my [b]oyfriend had said. (1) First, that when I received the message from [Pat]rik, that I had told him I had to leave to go to work. This I [k]new, even then, wasn't true. I remembered and still do specifically [th]at I had told him I _didn't_ have to work and I kissed him and [...]
[...] said, "Yay!" (2) I also never told him to lie for me. Why would he lie? Could he have lied about me not being there too? I was especially troubled by this because even though I had thought of Patrik, I still remembered being at Raffaele's house. I told the police of my doubts but they said not to worry, little by little, I would remember. So I waited.
I tried writing what I could remember for the police, because I've always been better at thinking when I was writing. They gave me time to do this. In this message I wrote about my doubts, my questions, and what I knew to be true.
[Deleted words] During this time I was checked out by medics [and?] had my picture taken as well as more copies of my fingerprints. They took my shoes and my phone. I wanted to go home but they told me to wait and then eventually that I was to be arrested. Then I was taken here, to the prison, in the last car of three who carried Patrik, then Raffaele, and then me to prison.
I hope this clears up some confusion for you and I'm sorry again that it is in English. I hope you are in contact with my mother and if you are, could you please tell her I love her, that I miss her, that I'm okay, and that I hope to see her soon.
I also just received the order of arrest and it says I must remain here in prison for one year. I'm assuming this means only if they can prove I did it or not. So I'm not sad, I just have to wait until they prove I'm not guilty, and that I wasn't there.
I want to write another message for you which describes my version of events that at this time I remember very well. This I will do on a different piece of paper and a little later because I'm very tired.
Good luck and thanks,
Amanda Knox
quasi mezzogiorno
Venerdi, Novembre 9, 2007

Amanda Knox's second letter of Nov 9, 2007

The second letter was penned a little over three hours later, to give more details. A pdf of the scanned letter is available here.

Anche Per I Miei Avvocatti
- Amanda Knox (Friday, Nov. 9, 2007)
Now I would like to give you my clear version of events that took place frome the last time I saw Meredith until I was taken in for questioning at the Questura one week ago on Friday, November 2nd, 2007. I will try to keep this as orderly as possible and with as many details as I can remember.
November 1st, 2007
I woke up late, probably around [deleted words] 10 am at Raffaele's house. We ate breakfast and [deleted words] I decided to go home for a bit to take a shower and put away my laundry. Filomena came home for a bit to change and I helped Marco wrap up a gift for the party they were going to. After they left it wasn't long until Meredith woke up, used the bathroom, & came into the kitchen to eat breakfast. We talked about how Halloween went and she still had the fake blood on her face from the day before, when she was dressed as a vampire. We also talked about a friend of mine who didn't really approve of me having a boyfriend because I had a boyfriend back in the United States. After her breakfast she went to have a shower and it was then (at 2pm-ish) that my boyfriend arrived and made himself pasta for lunch. I had bread with tomato and mozerella. During the time we were eating Meredith came through the kitchen, said hi, and gathered her laundry from the washing machine [or] put some in, I can't remember. After lunch me and Raffaele sat down and I played guitar for a while. Around 3 or 4 Meredith left the house wearing light-colored clothing, and all she said was "Ciao". She didn't say where she was going. I continued playing guitar and after a while Raffaele and I left my house, probably around 5pm.
We went to his house and the first thing we did was get comfortable. I took off my shoes etc. I used his computer for a little while to write down songs I wanted to learn for the guitar, I listened to some of Raffaele's music at this time. He used the bathroom after a bit and took Harry Potter (a book I lent him that is in German for his practise) into the bathroom to try to read it. When he came out I asked him how it was going and he said not too well. So I read to him a few pages (up to page 10) of Harry Potter in German, and translated for him. I've already read Harry Potter in English, so reading it in German is not too hard for me.
After I read to him we got ready to Watch Amelie. We sat in his bed together, and every once in a while during the film we stopped it and he explained something that I said I hadn't understood in Italian.
After the film I received the message from my boss, Patrik. In the message he told me since there was no one at the bar, I didn't have to come in for the night, even though we had decided I was to work every [Thursday. I sent him a message back with the words "Ci vediamo. Buona serata."] After I sent the message back I gave my boyfriend a kiss and told him I didn't have to work that night.
So we decided to have dinner. He prepared fish and I watched him in the kitchen because I wanted to learn to cook from him. While we [wai]ted for the fish to cook we sat together at the kitchen table. It didn't take as long as it normally does to cook fish so I think we ended up eating around 9pm or 9:30pm, but I didn't check the clock. After dinner Raffaele washed dishes. But as he was washing dishes the pipe came loose under the sink and all the water that were in the pots in the sink spilled onto the floor. Raffaele tried putting small [tow]els over the water to soak it up but there was too much. I went to [fin]d a mop but he didn't have one, so I told him not to worry about it, I could bring a mop tomorrow from my house.
Raffaele was upset because the pipes were new, but I, on the other [ha]nd, just saw that the situation was funny, and so I asked him what [wou]ld make him feel better. He said he wanted to smoke a joint with me. We went back to his bedroom, and while he rolled the joint (hash and [tob]acco from a cigarette) I laid down in his bed thinking. I was thinking about how Raffaele and I are different because he was [bot]hered by such a little thing as spilling water and I wasn't bothered [at] all.
[S]o we got to talking. We talked about many things and I can't be [sur]e about the order, but these are the things I remember talking [to] him about:
- How we are different. He's organized while I prefer it when things [are]n't always organized.
- How we [deleted word] view problems in life. How life and problems in life [ch]ange people.
- His mom. How she was depressed and he felt guilty for it.
- His past. How he was fat and unpopular. How he met his [fri]ends. How he started using drugs. A bad experience involving him [driv?]ing his friends to a concert and using drugs and how on the way home he decided he needed to change.
- How I was unpopular during high school and how people [tho]ught I was a lesbian. [Next sentence deleted]
[All] in all, we talked for a long time. It's difficult to remember [ever]ything we talked about because smoking a joint and talking is [som]ething Raffaele and I often do together. So it's hard to [reme]mber what day we talked about what. But we did talk is [wh]at I'm saying and we talked for a long time.
[We] had sex.
[Af]ter sex we played our game of looking at each other and making [fun]ny faces.
[I] fell asleep in his arms.
[I] woke up the next morning with him lying next to me.
so that is what happened that I remember November 1st, 2007. Here is what happened Nov 2nd, 2007 starting from when I woke up.
- I woke up in the late morning and left Raffaele to sleep for a bit more. I told Raffaele I would be back after I took a shower.
- I left Raffaele's house and walked to my house. When I arrived the door was wide open, and my first thought was that was strange, because we always lock the door to my house. Otherwise the wind can blow it open, but I assumed that someone from my house had gone quickley [sic] to visit the neighbors, so I didn't think much. I closed the door but didn't lock it, assuming the person would return.
- I called out if anyone was home, but received no response.
- I went to my room and undressed. I put my dirty clothes behind my guitar and went to take a shower. Before getting in the [s]hower I took out my earrings [deleted words] and I noticed a few drops of blood in the sink. I thought they were from my ears so I picked at one of the drops, but it was dry. I got into the shower and after the shower, I stepped on the ma[t] [from] the kitchen [sic] and noticed the blood on the mat. I looked [c]loser at the sink and saw blood on the faucet. But it wasn't a lot of [b]lood. I assumed someone had cut themselves or was having menstral [sic] problems. I had forgotten my towel in my room so I used the mat [t]o get to my room without getting the floor wet to retrieve my [to]wel. Then I brought it back to the [deleted word] bathroom. I still didn't [th]ink anything was wrong, strange but not bad.
I dressed in my room and went to the other bathroom to dry my hair. It was after I dried my hair that I noticed the poop in the [to]ilet. This, together with the open door, and the blood in the [ba]throom, was very strange, but I honestly didn't think anything [h]ad happened. It seemed like someone had just left our house very [q]uickley. I didn't think that someone was murdered. I didn't know what to think. I took the mop from our closet and left the house, closing and locking the door. I walked back to Raffaele's house and together we started mopping [hi]s floor. He began, but he went to put on his clothes I finished [m]opping up the water.
Then we had breakfast. Over breakfast (cereal, coffee, biscotti) I [to]ld Raffaele about what I had found at my house. He said I should [ca]ll one of my roommates.
I called Filomena. She was worried so I called after her Meredith [three?] times. Once on her English mobile, one on her Italian mobile, and [on]ce more on her English number. I never got a response. Filomena [ca]lled me back wanting to know if I had got hold of Meredith, because [sh]e was the only roommate not accounted for. She [deleted word] had [al]ready informed me that Laura was in Rome.
So Raffaele and I got ready to go and went back to my house, [ta]king the mop with us.
When we arrived I opened the door and went to Filomena's room and opened the door. The window was broken and [missing words] but her computer was there and so I was confused. I looked in Laura's room as well and her room was completely organized. What kind o burglar would break in but take nothing?
Raffaele went into my room and I followed him. There was nothing missing. We then knocked on Meredith's door and we got no answer. I tried the handle but it was locked. We went onto the terrace to see if we could see into her window, I even tried climbing over the balcony to see inside, but I couldn't. We looked through her key hole and all we could see was her purse on her bed.
I ran outside to see if the neighbors had heard anything, but no one was home. The lights were out and no one answered when I banged on the door.
I returned back into the house and Raffaele said he wanted to try to break down the door. So he tried and couldn't.
Then he called his sister for advice, I called Filomena to tell her what was happening. She said she was on her way home. Raffaele's sister said to call the Carabinieri. So we did.
We waited for a little inside, I put the mop away, but then we went outside to see Filomena's window. I couldn't figure out why someone would break the window if it looked impossible to get to to climb into.
Two policemen arrived and took down our names and numbers. I showed them what I had seen, the blood in the bathroom, how Meredith's door was locked. I thought he poop in the bathroom was gone, though I didn't get a good look.
After, Filomena arrived with her boyfriend and two friends. She [t]ook over talking to the police. I stayed in the kitchen with Raffaele and they broke in Meredith's door. I heard Filomena [s]cream, "A foot! A foot!" and the police told us to get inside.
Not long afterward the carabinieri arrived and I waited. I [w]aited with Raffaele for a while outside and then was offered a [p]lace to sit where it was warmer in the car of Filomena's friends, with Raffael.
Not long afterward the police told all of us to go to the Questura.
What's important to also mention is Raffaele and I, since we [h]ave met have almost always been at each other's side. One time [I] went out sho[ping for some things on Halloween and I visited [a] friend, I went to class, but otherwise Raffaele and I have been together.
So that's that. I hope this helps.
Again, thanks so much for helping me,
Amanda Knox
3:45pm Friday, November 9, 2007

Scan of Amanda Knox's first letter of Nov 9, 2007

Scan of Amanda Knox's Second letter of Nov 9, 2007


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